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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A recent Tarot reading for ye ol' heart

This is a period for communication, a period for social life, for meeting new people. Pursue new activities. You'll find in them the solution to many problems; you'll be positively surprised. 

You need to think about you. You have to take a break; you are dominated by the speed at which events are happening without realizing that you've forgotten about you and your feelings. You have the support of your friends. Enjoy loneliness! It will help you discover what you really want but can't have yet. You'll find love sooner than expected.

Look at all the things that surround you. A new kind of energy has sprung in you, filling you with love; it is time now to learn how to use all this. Enjoy even the smaller things of life. Your bright ideas will favor the people around you. Favorable period to start a stable relationship.

You are seeing the results of your efforts and this stimulates you; you’re getting closer to the goals that you’ve set. Think carefully before taking any decision, this is a period of drastic changes in your life. You'll have enough confidence to move forward with courage and not to give up. Period of spiritual growth. A dream will be reborn. New lovers and relationships.

TEMPERANCE AND DREAMS: You have to set goals, objectives, dreams; those are the things that give meaning to our lives. Be confident; you'll achieve everything that you want because you have the energy and strength to do it.

This is a favorable period for friendship. Let new people enter in your life. Discover new and interesting friends in your workplace or college. You'll feel protected by people who love you and respect you. Suggest new and exciting activities to share with your friends; you'll live unforgettable moments.

JUSTICE AND SEX: During this period it is very likely that your personal conflicts will affect sex with your partner. You'll feel confused, and even in some occasions, you'll have to pretend to be alright. Try to talk about this with some intimate friend because the negative consequences of this period may affect the future stability of your relationship. If you don't have a partner, be sensible when selecting one.

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