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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Female Fronted Oakland California

I am very excited to announce the location for Oaklands FEMALE FRONTED show presented by me MissOblivious and Jack SHit.
Jack is a friend i had made before i moved to Washington state. HE was in one of my favorite SF bands..Wealthy WHore Entertainment. HE now has his own radio show and a music project titled HAppy Amputee

Female Fronted is my attempt to have more people see and experience music that I love performed by some of my peers and that are female,gender bending , queer enthused performances~!

THe OAkland show will take place at First Church Of Buzzard...and will have performances by six different acts! It will start early so DON"T BE FASHIONABLY LATE or you might just miss out on some magic!!!!

plus the two other bands...they have no links that is how exclusive,reclusive they are so come check em out....

MIss Oblivious and Jack SHit LOVE all the performers and bands and really just want to do this show to bring some magic together!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The first two Female Fronted Shows presented by Miss Oblivious

Female Fronted is a series of 8 shows produced by Miss Oblivious throughout the Bay Area and Northwest this summer.
It is not one of those grrrrl events filled with man haters, Female Fronted is more about female, gender bending,queer enthused front persons...with a roar compared to a purrr...
Miss Oblivious presents: FEMALE FRONTED summer series 2010

The music for all events is no-wave, punk electronic trash.... I have also attached a flier and samples of my photography,

Miss Oblivious"Cheyanne Payne" a California Native that is currently a Seattle based dollmaker and mother of two has also begun to split her time in New Orleans, she has worked with cabarets,stunning punks, circus contraption, tranny granny's in SF, and made many dolls of LA based punk legends from the 70’s
She is also a haunted photographer capturing the darker side of glamour, her images have been published as far as Japan. Also a curator and booking agent for gritty folks.
Titled by The Seattle Times in November 2009 as “official documentarian of the Seattle cabaret”
She is also a teaching artist specializing in puppet + doll making to children in the Seattle Area.

2007-2009 she directed and produced over 9 short films, videos and documentaries through SCAN TV. Miss O can be seen on commercials(1995), HBO's Real Sex(1996),"What we do is secret"(2005), Jackie Hell video "Whore", Pajama Talk episode 7.

She also founded and fronted San Jose punk trash band "NAG" from 1999-2003

Also Miss O has published zines since 1994 focusing on
the queer pioneers, toothless dandies ,glitter puss’s, dustbowl glamour, tuff bois, underground icons, spiritualists,
accordion Casanovas, ghost hunters,
witch doctors, thrift addicts, pagan enthusiast, electronic tramps to name a few.
Also a contributing scene reporter for the world renown and longest published zine “Punk Globe” since 2005.

Currently she is available for commissions and photo shoots.
You can also book her at your gallery or café for exhibits.

My life in July 2010

Hello per usual my life is one magical after another! This summer has developed into my latest project titled "Female Fronted" which will involve eight westcoast shows (sEATTLE,OAKLAND,sANfRANCISCO,SAN JOSE + sACRAMENTO).

WIth music, performance,film,dolls and trannys.gENDER bENDERS AND qUEER eNTHUSED FRONT PERSONS...
The ninth show will be set in New Orleans the first SUnday of October....

This Month I have been lucky enough to see some of my top bands roll into town!

Glass Candy

Death By Doll


Quintron and Miss Pussycat at Chop Suey

Peaches Christ asked Jackie and I to be the celebrity judges at her screening of "all about evil"

I am preparing my photographs and dolls inspired by Tennessee WIlliams. They will be part of the August Show in New Orleans on Royal street at Graphite Gallery.

I am very honored to be asked to be in the Saints Doll Show in New Orleans October 2nd with Christy Kane,Liz McGrath,Dame Darcy, Leteefah,Sheri Debow, JennyBird, Darla Teagarden, Loopy Boopy, and me (Miss Oblivious)

SailorHank n I just had our big summertime show at BootyLand on Capitol Hill which was a complete success the art will be on display ti;l the end of August...

SailorHank and I will be driving down to California for a visit and for me to produce four Female Fronted events!

August 12th

Friday the 13th of August

Sunday August 15th Oakland CAlifornia early show 5 p.m.

Thursday August 19th Sacramento

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Female Fronted...

Hello everyone,
I am currently producing a group of shows this summer that are female fronted, gender bending and queer enthused events. I have been feeling nostalgic since last summer of my early years in the bay area. Going to see allgirl bands, penpal'ing with the Queen o' queer zines n' film GB Jones, marching in the Mission SF with topless a army of females!living with trannies... witnessing night after night of ladies like Tribe 8, stone fox, bikini kill, lunachicks,raggedy anne, 7-year-bitch, Linda Perry, babes in toyland, courtney and so many others that empowered me as a 20 something year old. Being in front of these womyn while they belted out their angst helped me identified with them and didn't feel so alone anymore.
I watched them do it, and it gave me the power to do it.
Reading their zines: their history an open book, fucked up youth, battered childhoods, missing fathers or daddies that touched to much. It made you feel like you could conquer anything that ever tried to get in your way!
I have continued to publish zines since 1994 and reveal less and less as I have grown older. I was told in the past by my readers and peers that they liked my honesty and brutal truth. Well its time to rekindle that part of the puzzle.

I will let it go, but anyway...

Please come support all these performances that are occurring in SF, Seattle, San Jose, Sacto,and Oakland.