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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sister Spit Seattle 2011


Last night was Sister Spit in Seattle, I hadn't seen Michelle Tea in 15 years, we were never really friends per say but had some of the same peers & were at the same shows when she started Sister Spit in SF around 1994. She had invited me to come read my juvenile zine at the time "Cunt Fear" 1994-1999, but since I was usually a drunken mess, I almost always arrived after the show was over, I would then end up at my Sunday night comfort zone "Muffdive" inside the Casanova and seemed to always miss my chance to grace the stage at Sister Spit.

Every week she seemed more and more excited about Sister Spit, it was so cool to see Michelle 15 years later just as thrilled and in love with her event, a rarity. I get so tired of jaded people over 30. "Jaded" Michelle is not , thank the goddess above and below. She is filled with light and energy.

I asked Sterling Snow publisher of "Death of Nibo" a voodoo fanzine to accompany me, along with Grace Teflon and Faith.
(yes those are vintage gems encrusted on the lapel ,collar n sleeves of his dress coat)
"so sheik"


We all met at Lisa Orth's new shop Alleged Tattoos opening party (Lisa is over there on the left) the shop was packed of cuties & hotties..then the four of us headed to the HUGO house to secure primo seats at Sister Spit.

Within 10 minutes I had to use the bathroom "aunt flo" arrived it must've been all pheromones in the room. _a sure fire sign i was in the right place._ Plus sharing a table with my dear galpal Fucshia Foxxx and darling Kammee Mam...

Mz.Tea defiantly put together a treasury line-up, consisting of talented writers. Each one had their own charm plus had the audience rolling in laughter.

Amos Mac (original Plumbing Zine)
presented a slide show for his new quarterly magazine due out in Summer 2011 "TransLady Fanzine" featuring a series of images he captured of ZACKARY DRUCKER it really moved me.
I felt emotional,enraptured and inspired.Zackary resembles Greer Lankton and the photos were set in her east coast home. Please keep an eye out for the issue this summer.

Michelle ended the night with a biop from her blog about some of her favorite female writers which was hilarious and enlightening (Bukowski had a daughter that is now an author Marina Louise Bukowski)

Monday, March 21, 2011

"TransCentric" Art Exhibit curated by Kook Teflon in honor of Greer Lankton display gala July 8th in Los Angeles

photo of: Squeaky Blonde
by: Austin Young

(Dollmaker,zine queen & photographer)
Kook has some splendorous schemes up her knickers...

Recollecting about many of the prominent figures in her life, Kook realized the influences of her drag/trans idols and peers seem to be outcasts from the mass typical drag/queer/trans community.
Each one re-inventing self-expression and becoming leaders in the art society
world wide through music,film and make-up artistry...

Such as:

*lEIGH Bowery
*Boy George
*Jayne County
*Phatima Rude(SF)
*Peaches Christ
*Squeaky Blonde
*Greer Lankton
*Jackie Beat
*Ginger Coyote
*Claude Cahun
(to name a few)

Kook was hit with the thought to pay HOMOage to them and curate a show inspired by their disguises,persona's and transitions from ordinary to extraordinary.
Another element of inspiration was the upcoming "Greer Lankton" exhibit occurring the following day on:

Friday July 9th in Hollywood:
ONE archive Gallery Museum (626 N Robertson Blvd).

Greer (1958-1996) was a portrait dollmaker and trans-gender punk artist. Her portrait dolls reflected such warholian stars as Candy Darling, anorexia beauties and obese side-show esque females.

Kook hand-picked some of her favorite artist to participate in this installation which will take place in L.A's bohemian neighborhood "Silverlake":

Friday July 8th
MonkeyHouse Gallery
2874 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Featured art in
doll-form,paint,canvas,photography and mosaic tiles by:

Tennessee Loveless

Austin Young

Jer Ber Jones

Adam Ansell

Sheri DeBow

Kook Teflon (Miss Oblivious)

Lee Kyle


Squeaky Blonde

with a live performance by Seattles notorious
Jackie Hell

Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen

Ben de la Creme as EVE

A century of eccentrics in doll form by Miss Oblivious SF 1035 Guererro


My friend taffy lives in a beautiful store front home in San Francisco and he has offered for me to display my art in the windows for the last 5 years.
Finally in December 2010 I was visiting and decided it was time to build an installation specific for his 1035 Guerrero windows.
Around the same time I had come up with a title for a new zine which in turn will change my pen/art name to KOOK TEFLON.
The new zine is titled Teflon Sisters Zine
"Teflon is a nickname given to persons, particularly in politics, to whom criticism does not seem to stick".
Which also means the end to Miss Oblivious, she is so very exhausted and feels she has done all she can.
As I started working on this installation I had this epiphany that this had to happen NOW!!It would be the last hooray for Miss O, so she could see all her work completed in one place.

In December while still in SF staying with Uneven and Josh we came up with a theme for the dolls to be based around, as we celebrated Christmas Eve with wigs n good food.
"A century of eccentrics" they really aided me with ideas for characters that have lived in San Francisco since the mid- 19th century.
The one thing my dolly's have done for me is teach me about the wonderful people that have lived, different Deity's and creating fictional community's of bizarre beauties.

We came up with:

Peter Berlin
Emperor Norton
Sister Boom Boom
Anton LaVey
Lynn Breedlove
Lady Bear
Mary Ellen Pleasant

(After we finished the 5-hour set-up!!!!
I couldn't have done it without Uneven)

and of course A doll of:
Richard Gaikowski which 1035 Guerrero was his residents from the mid 60's- til his passing around 2007.
He was very important to me for a few reasons. He was a revolutionary component to the SF film history, he wrote for the hippy political paper "Good Times", all his friends adored him, the catch is that he was the prime suspect for Zodiac Killer. People have dedicated their lives to prove he was the zodiac.
Richard is by far the best in the collection,
you can purchase these dolls through my ETSY store under Paynecreations.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011