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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Oblivious and her dollies featured in

CUE which is a new orleans fashion magazine. we are on pages 44/45

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breavement a town with a mourning twist by MIss Oblivious (copyright)

Bereavement Socialite Collection
This collection was inspired by the people of Bereavement, Louisiana.
It is a town were the passing of a loved one is counted as a status quo in society. They thrive on mourning and drink a bit to much champagne. Bereavement can’t be found on any map, it can only be discovered when not looking, to stumble upon its streets is an honor. The citizens are down right brutal, but not in a jack the ripper sense. More of an undertow! So watch out for that lovely lady at the tea gathering. She will most likely be the one to put the knife in your back, twist it a bit and glow with satisfaction when you have fallen to your knees. To become an official member of their society you must acquire a key from an original founder of the city, after you have received a rusted ol’ skeleton key and find which door it opens. Only then will you be accepted in to this town built by secret societies, deceit, wealth and Victorian traditions.

Mourning Birdie
She is the wealthiest woman in Bereavement.
Birdie has lost 4 husbands in the last seven years.
They are taken by sudden illness; well one had a fatal
accident in the middle of the night.
Birdie likes to hold all night gatherings and
is president of the knitting club.

Mourning Susannah
She is probably the sweetest gal in town.
She has never married and is nearing her thirties.
Yet every man that has courted Miss Susannah
has been struck by lightning, or left town on a whim.
She lives with her lifelong gal pal Lily.
In a decrepit basement below Birdie

Mourning Daisy

Her story is quite the tragic. At least it is what folklore is made of.
Daisy was married to her childhood sweetheart Nathaniel.
His family founded Bereavement.
He carried the most power and honor. Nathaniel decided to
take on a lover.
His lover fell madly in love with him, and decided on the next
full moon she was going to make a magical soap for Daisy. Little
did Daisy know that this soap would transform her arms and legs
into tentacles? After this tragic occurrence Nathaniel left her and
she roams the port and is a bitter, drunken mess. All she is left with
is her grandmother’s umbrella and her fathers bad habits!

Miss Oblivious is a Seattle-based doll maker that claims a partial residency in New Orleans.
All of her dolls have a eucalyptus nut residing inside of them. Mary Ellen Pleasant planted them in San Francisco in the 1860’s. Mary Ellen is known as the mother of civil rights and also stems from generations of voodoo queens. She was living in New Orleans and consulted with Marie Laveau before moving to San Francisco.
Miss Oblivious specialty is portrait dolls. Which means you can give her a picture of anyone and she will hand-stitch a one-of-a-kind doll in his or her likeness. Currently along with this new collection created and carried exclusively at Gargoyles Statuary you can commission her to make a doll or doll w/curio box of a loved one passed. She is asking for these special dolls an article of clothing and any personal belongings of the person passed to include. So if your grandma has passed or a lover she can re create them for you.
Miss Oblivious is also a photographer that likes to capture beautiful people in a haunting nature. She has been published as far as Japan, titled by the Seattle times as “Seattle’s official documentarian of local Cabaret”, recent featured artist in Seattle Sinners January 2010 issue, she also made merchandise and dolls of locals Circus Contraption.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new collection announcement

Hello all you lovelies!
I used to update everyone about my projects and i feel that I have neglected all of you recently.

I currently have a new series of dolls being revealed on Friday March 19th, 5-8p.m. opening reception at Gargoyles Statuary 4550 University way in the U-district.

This series has been cleverly titled "The Bereavement Socialite Collection" and will only be available at Gargoyles or on my etsy

Each dolls dress is made from authentic Victorian/civil war era fabrics, along with an authentic rusted skeleton key, and a eucalyptus nut inside each that is from a tree planted in 1860's SF by the mother of civil rights and voodou practitioner/queen Mary Ellen Pleasant.To read the full story on this inspiring historical female go to

In February 2010 I also launched a new series of dolls exclusively available in the french quarter at Ragin Daisy entitled "Marie Antoinette Tramp dolls" these can also be purchased on my etsy if interested.Each and every doll I have made since 2009 (excluding custom orders) has a Mary Ellen Pleasant nut inside. The dolls love the rich history, and magic it adds to their personas!

Also I have 2 skeleton hand painted acrylic dolls left and available on my etsy for $25 each (normally $40.00+), along with the latest issue of Oblivious Era zine with Martyn Jaques from the Tiger Lillies on the cover!

This month March 23rd I am one of the featured artist in New Orleans Gambit monthly art and entertainment mag "CUE"

I am working on some top secret projects with some of my favorite artists this year and am in a good place, new home, fresh beginnings!

I am available for photo shoots and if you are interested please contact me. 206-353-2433

Also I am available for custom dolls. if you supply me with a photograph or two I can recreate just about anyone for you!

My next project is focused on Tennessee Williams, so if your a fan keep an eye out for dolls and captured images influenced by the genius of literature and twisted stories Tennessee.

I am currently entering my third teaching session of puppet/doll instruction class at Ballard Community Center which has been a blast! If you know of any children ages 5-8 that would like to take a class with me sign up is at

Miss Oblivious

Monday, March 15, 2010

sunshine,b-12 & folic acids

Since i had a bout of depression the last few weeks, J9 suggested B-12 so I have started that, plus I realized my cave that i work out of and spend *85% of my time had the darkest curtains, that it was time for light!
so yeaterday I installed a faux stained glass cling on, accompanied by a gorgeous velvet trim with glass beads!

I have to admit it is working!

Since i am a califoria native i think that i need the sunshine as much as i hate to admit it! dreary is comforting to me, yet the bright rays are an ignition for the soul!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

mary ellen pleasant dolls with magical paint

I make dolls that have a eucalyptus nut from a tree planted in SF by Mary Ellen Pleasant in the 1860"s...

I copied her story off of her internet page which has cool dvd;s n such of her life"

Called "the Mother of Civil Rights in California" from work begun in the 1860s, her achievements went unsurpassed until the 1960s. Pleasant was once the most talked-about woman in San Francisco. When other African Americans were rarely mentioned, she claimed full-page articles in the press. Her dramatic life was part of the story of slavery, abolition, the gold rush, and the Civil War; she helped shape early San Francisco, and covertly amassed a joint fortune once assessed at $30,000,000! Americans today deserve to know her because she could love across boundaries of race and class without losing sight of her goal -- equality for herself and her people.

However, Pleasant's life has been distorted and obscured by mis-information. Thus, although this daring woman won battles and faced life, success, power, desertion, betrayal, and death head on, she lost the battle for her own good name. At the end of her life, her covert schemes began to go awry, and her enemies "scandalized her name". By the end of the century, via the popular press, Pleasant had been labeled "Mammy Pleasant," angel and arch fiend, and madam and murderess -- her story indiscriminately plunged into myth, misinformation, gossip, and half truths. The tabloid accounts of that day became the basis for the 20th-century social histories that writers still quote. Thus, before Susheel Bibbs' recent recovery of lost writings and accounts by Pleasant and her contemporaries, it was difficult to unravel fact from the fiction of Pleasant's colorful life. However, now it can be done, and Pleasant's inspiring story, so needed today, can be told.

Whether coming to California during the gold rush or fighting for civil rights once there, Pleasant invested both risk and ambition for her own advancement and that of her people. The real questions are, "Where did she get her courage, and how did she learn to love amidst her struggles?" This newly researched, brief version of her life answers those questions and should solve some of the mysteries of Mary Ellen Pleasant. Bibbs' forthcoming biography will supply the rest.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The bereveament socialite collection (dolls by Miss Oblivious)

I finally finishedone of thirteen in this exquisite series i have titled"The Bereveament socialite collection!
they are available exclusivley in SEattle at Gargoyles Staturary starting FRiday March 19th..stop by say hi and adopt a dolly or buy a print!


is there anything to look forward to? will my dream come true?

the tunnel, its in a distance!
i wanna be excited about something, i wanna be that happy girl i once knew, the one everybody would comment on , asking if i ever had a bad day?
i'd reply with "can't remember having one".
i hate being debbie downer it sucks!
my other half really isn't helping and may be the source, why?!
Puts me on a pedastool then knocks me right off of it when im not looking!
he can be great then i guess the connection was lost somewhere along the way!
i thought we were back on track until this week our patterns started up again,
i will be fine!
I just need a spark! inspiration! i feel things are stale around me!
its hard when your partner seems to rebel against your interest, he denys it but thats what he does!
please sunshine return to my innards!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

altered weeping!

photo byOblivious images

....sometimes you can meet someone and feel a deep connection, sometimes you can know someone most of your life and have no connection at all. These sensations get me thinking, WHY?
Most people don't realize i go through bouts of deep deppression!i hide it very well. I know my life is great, yet i will let one persons words shatter me, i am working on not letting these opinions effect me so deeply, ITS HARD!

I am very giving, outgoing and for the most part a joyful individual. This year is going to mark my 37th year on planet earth! feeling undestructable to feeling vulnarable makes you a fragile rollercoaster.I have so much love, kindness and admiration in my life, you'd think i am stronger than i am, well i am not.

sometimes my strong will gives me an air that will intimidate others thus they feel they need to knock me down when in reality i am as genuine as can be.This has made me weary of closeness, which is something i have NEVER felt before! ever!

so i spend alot of time in my room creating sewing,drawing, writing, reading,thinking,listening to music,watching obscure films.
this last year has been the ultimate emotional avalanche.
I will get great news, a superb gift, an astounding oppurtunity, yet there are certain people in my world that will say one word and it shatters me.
in the past it never bothered me , yet with time, it is effecting my innards!

My passion at the moment is the south! Walking alone through the old streets, crumbling cemetaries, iced coffee,vodka and the mississippi!
haunted mansions,aged doors,smoke filled rooms with music to balance out the clutter!

I keep dreaming ahead and know the path , career and life i created is gaining strength! it keeps my head up, i am eager for the next level in my work to take off. which can only come with preserverence!

the last 12 monthes or so alot of change in my immediate social circle shifted, disbanned, rebirths andevacuation in general! I know i am hybernating for the next era to begin, new beginings, new experiences.

I started this about connections, i periodically will meet someone and just feel such a closeness! i can come on pretty strong and generously, i just wonder what the connection is stemmed from?
TAROT time!