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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Vintage Prostitution" coin'd by Miss Oblivious

Yes its true I've been asked to trademark another jumbled title that came from my foggy-membrane , through my fingertips into the world wide web....SO THERE!! If you hear anyone use the title "Vintage Prostitution" you know who started it..xoxo

Monday, September 13, 2010


I fronted a band in San Jose from 1999-2003 titled NAG...This flier was just posted online by an "ol PAl of mine and made me feel nostalgic.....I will write more about those times soon! This show featured the original line-up which was Miss O, Cap'n Oblivious,Amanda NAG, Sonee and Auggie.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gunstreet Glory Seattle...dark country band

I just finished photographing one of Seattle newest up and coming bands. They will be Thursday Nov 4th at Cabaret Fest this year my venue is titled Decrepit Cabaret and will take place at The Market Theater.
Don't miss it....El Radio FAntastique will headline both of my nights which is Nov 4 & 6th.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Agatha : the newest member of our family

I adopted Agatha today from our local Goodwill!
My heart stopped when i found her, she is filled with a secret or two! This crafty lil witch is made of pages from a book folded in half,
she also likes to get into trouble ( i can see it in her eyes_! she is our new family patron!
stop by and meet her...
She reminds me of the 1920-40's 'Ol Time HAlloween collection that I used to dig through the bins for, cause there is no way I can afford to purchase items from that Halloween era on ebay!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss Oblivious officially coin'd "Seahag on the Prairie" as a fashion statement

I am continuously asked for the last 15 years what I call "my look", I've been asked by fashionistas', queens, civilians and hipsters.

The other night while sipping lemon drops at PONY with my date Tracy Cilona, I was asked yet again by the darling Cookie "what'd you call your look"?

I normally respond with seahag,victorian tramp parading through hollywood in 1977 with dustbowl glamour look....But i felt that was just to long of a response and then it dawn'd on me my fashion title is officially......


I never really thought much about it til recent, there was a feature on me about my dollsand the editor explained my unique look and that my dolls resemble me, + i was strumming through pics of myself over the last 15 years and i am in consistent in only one thing, i have kept my way of dress through children and nearing into my 40's....

My wardrobe consist primarily of:
APRON is a must,tights with runs in em, knee high pantyhose with designs, vintage slips with stitches, sock garters,spats,polka dots, ripped up sweaters, lots of blue n red with white for my nautical ancestry,vintage vanity fair leopard print gowns, tee-shirt logos cut out of shirt and sloppily sewn onto garments, old dresses, lace bunched up in hair as dec'r, 1980 barrettes in a contrasting color, vintage granny shoes, black with floral print from the 40's, patchouli and lavender, handmade buttons of my friends and art,messy unwashed hair, the palest shade of studio fix, ruby woo lips, pencil'd eyebrows is a must!

the article from CUE fashion New Orleans is here on page 44 & 45

My mother and I in 1977

THis is my mother and I shortly after she left my father, we had hitchhiked from Ventura Calif to Morgan Hill,Ca which is were we stopped to visit my grandparents and never left. We originally were headed for Alaska.

My mom's nickname by all her close friends was "Witchy" which I spoke of in the blog below with Courtney. I wanted to post this picture so you could see what I was speaking of.

My mother still does her mascara this thick, I have no idea really how she gets it so thick, but its her thing. The dress she is wearing in this picture was beautiful , white floor length princess cut mother is 5'11 and she always wore the highest clog wedges with brown leather, and maybe butterfly etched in, which made her 6 feet.

It wasn't til I was 14 that it was revealed to me that grandfather practiced withcraft and wiccan traditions which i don't think most of my family even knows to this day, his secret library and stash of tools were found by my mother after he had passed away.

HE was also an astounding photographer and addict of capturing every moment on film either by static or stills, i have pictures he took at a village in South Africa...another trait i picked up ....also I just acquired every letter he wrote to my grandmother while abroad and traveling from 1930-1970's, I had no idea he to loved New Orleans and spent alot of time there as well! His family actually arrived in NOLA from Ireland in 1790. Not a good time to be in NOLA as an Irishman i can imagine.
Here is a photo of my grandfather...
Benjamin Franklin Jenkins

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome Home Doll PArts

Well, my obsession with Courtney Love began in 1991-1992. She graced the cover of SASSY magazine with her boyfriend that had bright red hair and the best powdery blue mohair sweater I had ever seen, she had bleached messy hair that resembled Nancy Spungen and smeared lipstick , a look I had done since the eighth grade...I was naturally drawn to this look, maybe because my mom had it throughout 70's, the witchy look as my mother titled herself, I come from a long line of witches,but that's a whole other blog.

Regardless my nine years of dedicating wall space, ear noise, visual cosmetics to this woman that I had a passion and inspiration from came to a halt when she decided to start impressing the Hollywood crowd, the kept hair, designer dresses and meek persona really turned me off, though i respect what she was feeling I wasn't turned on by it, and you have got to remember she did get to hangout with Liz Taylor (yes I am jealous)...I have kept all my keepsakes Courtney has given me over the years: barrettes,cigarette butts and ribbons...

I have seen Courtney/Hole at least a dozen times since 1992, different line ups, same songs and the crowd always seems to get younger over the years? Or I guess I am just getting older?

Also I have close friends that have been close with Mz.LOve I've heard all the horror stories of deceit, mistrust and burnt bridges, yet I can't help but feel emotional and protective of her. Every encounter I have had with her, though brief have been very kind and sweet.

I Went and experienced the newest version of HOLE last night at BUMBERSHOOT in Seattle with Tracy Cilona,A FELLOW cOURTNEY loveR....

Courtney SHINED BRIGHT! it was her homecoming, she picked some goodies to play! Opening with Pretty on the Inside segueing into Rolling Stones...As soon as the first words came out of the Queens mouth I had an adrenalin rush and ran through the on-lookers like a 15-year-old girl, plowing through one of the most boring crowds i have ever witnessed at a concert. It seemed as though the crowd was frozen,and were only there to snap pics with their camera phones, evil eyes were on me for dancing and singing. Really Seattle, you are at a live show, there is rock music being played! Loosen up!!!!

The set was brilliant and tears welded my eyes into salty rivers twice! This woman still does it for me! I am close to 40 now and to have these feelings emulate through my being feels sooooo damn good!!!!!

Thank you Courtney for having balls, for speaking out of turn, bleeding infront of the world, expressing truth, being bad, being evil, getting whatever the hell you want, for having a fire burn inside you, thank you Courtney for being filled with so much passion! so much talent! creating another being, so much beauty, sometimes even ugly beauty, for putting your fist in the face of those surrounding you, thank you for those words you sing, thank you for publicly showing pain, and always dressing better than those other girls,for being a goddess and warrior, a whore a tramp an entity to reckon with.......

and in all honesty I really don't think that 1 percent of the population will or has ever "ached like u ache", and thus they will never understand what it's like to have to fight, bite , kick,scratch to keep their souls like you have!

Thank You Courtney!

forever + ever yours..
Miss Oblivious