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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss Oblivious officially coin'd "Seahag on the Prairie" as a fashion statement

I am continuously asked for the last 15 years what I call "my look", I've been asked by fashionistas', queens, civilians and hipsters.

The other night while sipping lemon drops at PONY with my date Tracy Cilona, I was asked yet again by the darling Cookie "what'd you call your look"?

I normally respond with seahag,victorian tramp parading through hollywood in 1977 with dustbowl glamour look....But i felt that was just to long of a response and then it dawn'd on me my fashion title is officially......


I never really thought much about it til recent, there was a feature on me about my dollsand the editor explained my unique look and that my dolls resemble me, + i was strumming through pics of myself over the last 15 years and i am in consistent in only one thing, i have kept my way of dress through children and nearing into my 40's....

My wardrobe consist primarily of:
APRON is a must,tights with runs in em, knee high pantyhose with designs, vintage slips with stitches, sock garters,spats,polka dots, ripped up sweaters, lots of blue n red with white for my nautical ancestry,vintage vanity fair leopard print gowns, tee-shirt logos cut out of shirt and sloppily sewn onto garments, old dresses, lace bunched up in hair as dec'r, 1980 barrettes in a contrasting color, vintage granny shoes, black with floral print from the 40's, patchouli and lavender, handmade buttons of my friends and art,messy unwashed hair, the palest shade of studio fix, ruby woo lips, pencil'd eyebrows is a must!

the article from CUE fashion New Orleans is here on page 44 & 45

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ostrich girl said...

Love this! Thanks for sending it for me to check out! I can't wait to go out and play in NOLA with you!!!!!1