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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Armitage Shanks at the CanCan

mishaps so sweet I'd shake a stick at!

so my life as the world turns goes as follows..
I have been having some very good times in these last few weeks.
I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary to moving and endearing the Great NW.
As most of you know I adore it!
I have made some very fine friends here and have many oppurtunites with my dolls and my zine.(And even though I am sad to not really hear from some of old pals as much as I'd like boo hoo!!): Thanks to Gina, Vince,Mikel,Rikki and DogSwan that call me on an almost weekly basis.
If you want more details and even more stories order the new issue of OBLIVIOUS NATION at my etsy store

I currently finished dolls for the CanCan Club
here in SEattle for their weekly Cabagazm show!

I made an amazing caged Tentacled sawfish!
I witnessed Circus Contraption twice this month talk about gazm ....

and was featured on Pajama Talk youtube show .
I still have dolls available at:
Diamond Tattoo ,
Tweede's Cafe' in Northbend"Twin Peaks Cafe" carry my Twin Peak dolls.

I also have an ETSY store which makes it super easy to buy dolls and zines
I updated my webpage and it looks super duper now! well better than it did!
with Home page design by ya know Annette Padilla
This Saturday April 7th I am a proud participant with The Tentacled Sawfish at The Can Can club 9 p.m. 94 pike street

Jesus & Mary Kissing booth , Baby Gramps, The Tentacled Sawfish, Burlesque by:Ann Atomic/Mz. Kaboom
My spoken word/zine reading went well and I met some wonderful girls that I look forward to spending alot more time with!
I lost a dear friend last week which was very hard to accept!

you will be sorely missed Leisa!

April 7 - 8p.m.- CanCan Club

April 8th- Datri Bean

May 3rd_ 6-10 p.m. Ok Gallery ( Rock n' roll photography exhibit(including my images)

May 4th 7 p.m. celebrate my 34th birthday with me at the Can Can then The showbox for an underbelly experience with The Yarddogs roadshow and Circus Contraption

May 6th IHEARTRUMMAGE at Crocodile Cafe' noon-4 p.m.

June 6th punk rock heaven with US Bombs, Charley Horse and DReadful Children

June 10-14th I will be photographer for noise for the needy 4 day music event

June 15th Vinsanto's and Tentacled Sawfish at the CanCan club

June 23rd (surprise in the works)

and last but not least I am on Tiger Lillies top picks.... now If I could decide which lilly is my favorite?