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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dirt Mounds,Molasses & plastick

November 2013 Kook Teflon I have friends that are family, new friends that are becoming very important to me! I have lived in the tower this last season a perfect transition for me and my children, in five days i am moving into the Witch Haus.The new chapter of my newest novella in KookLand is not like any of the other chapters and it can change at any moment. Halloween Week was one of my best.I spent it with new creatures that inspire me. i am also curating doll shows with up to 20 artitst's. Next one will be in New Orleans at Green Eyed Gator December 7,2013 and The Witches Titties have played a few shows these last few monthes with some amazing creatures!!!!! i was laid off from Ghost Tours so lets hope this is all part of the new path i am being lead down. More photoshoots, more dolls, more adventure......
Vinsantos modeling Kookland

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kooks guts n show n tale

Hello Readers pals n' fiends Summer 2013 So much has occured in the past 90 days, i have healed, moved on and ripped my heart into shreds so that i may remain numb........... or at least til the autumn arrives. I have fallen in love in Austin Texas or with Austin or shall we call it a crush? I spent more time in NOLA my number one lover of all time, where i can breath, where i can live in complete obscurtiy, The Witches Titties went on a lil West Coast Tour. The biggest and hardest decision I have ever made was to leave my fleshy lover Pops after 14 years of a voyage that went sour... Noone else may ever love me again like he did, I feel we both lost respect for one another, we lived inside the dream of our first 10 years as a duo, as those lovers that others envy, inside jokes, tolerating my irrational manic whims, the rollercoaster known as Kook, i was asked years ago to back away and stop with all the over stimulated attention but i feel like a failure in the end. Nothing lasts forever i guess... I have such a blessed life i make $ from my art and have a job that pays me to tell others about death and history and sex of our city. My children are outrageous and beautiful creatures, i have the most compassionate friends that are family across the country.... i mean really really supportive and they shower me with power daily. I want to thank the man i left for loving me like no other man has....... I have moved into Kooks Tower above The Pierces and wonder what and where i will discover in the months to follow.......... wish me luck and no more tears unless they are of passion

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The WItches Titties

illustration by Jeremiah Harada

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Myrtles Plantation

St.Francisville in Louisiana at the most haunted home in America "The Myrtles" the same type of light appeared on a rocking chair- I will remind you that i took controlled pics (which means numerous shots ) and that i never get that excited about orbs or the such!!! but these lights are truly paranormal, This was at the Caretaker Cabin, also we slept in the Magnolia Room, i awoke around 2:30 A.M to the strongest scent of lemons/verbena i mean like someone was holding it Right under my nose and then the covers at the end of my bed were tight and the mattress sunk down as if someone had sat down.... within a few moments the scent disappeared along with the mattress weight????

St.Michael Cemetery in Pensacola Florida

I haven't gotten anything this paranormal on film for over 5 years- when we arrived into Pensacola,Fl it was already dark and the moon was full and red, we happened to drive by a strangely located cemetery in between some freeway underpasses, we got out to capture the moon over the cemetery, i happened to capture these lights in two of my pics, i took about a dozen and they only appear in the two, when we got to our hotel i looked up the cemetery and on their site it explains police officers reporting lights appearing in the cemetery at night during their patrols.... WOW!!!!!

Kooks Bed was Sarah Morgans during the Civil War

The Bed in my room today- I was able to acquire one the most beautiful beds from an antique store in Moscow, Idaho. A friend saw it on his travels sent me a photo and insisted it had to be mine, i soon called the owner and he told me the bed was originally from Baton Rouge , Louisiana and had belonged to a girl that famously, journal-ed during the civil war in the bed and throughout Louisiana. My mother passed away on August 3rd and when i came home from settling her personals i knew it was time to heal, and this was the bed i was going to heal in! I also ordered her book thinking "how cool to read it in her bed", Three attempts later the book finally arrived on my BIRTHDAY today! The first two books i ordered were the wrong books? weird huh? i figured i would try one more time before visiting her city Baton Rouge, two weeks passed and NO book? So we left for our trip , visited the Castle/state capitol/museum, did the tour and even watched an astounding Haunted Mansion style film about her titled "The Ghost of the Castle". Here is the bed in my room, the book arriving and A few images from our visit.