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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Laveau is dancin on the devil-doll curio

Laveau - Patron Soul of New Orleans

.100% hand stitched, handmade and original

.wooden box 22 x 10 inches

.doll is made from felt,vintage reconstructed clothing,magical intention,love

.inside Marie doll resides a eucalyptus nut from 19th century trees planted in the San Francisco estate of former New Orleans resident, voodoo priestess and civil rights advocate Mary Ellen Pleasant


.available for purchase at
Poets Gallery
3113 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

Will be on display at Poets Gallery beginning Saturday October 1st, 2011
for more information on the event
Carnival of Saints and souls

read post below for more details

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marie Laveau dolly w/Kali arms by Miss Oblivious

Hello everyone...
Here is my newest doll that will actually reside in a wooden curio box stomping on the devil. It was inspired by a friends new tattoo. Lee Kyle has it on his chest ....the dress is re constructed vintage (1960's) dress ruffle tuxedo shirt, it is 100 % hand sewn and all the voodoo essentials that she holds are handmade.
.gris gris bag
.voodoo doll
It is for the 2nd annual "Carnival of Saints" doll art show in New Orleans, at Poets Gallery which will have an opening gala October 1st, 2011
This will be presented as
"Laveau- Thee Patron Spirit of New Orleans"
the exhibit includes 13 of this generations darkest and darling female doll makers

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My BFF Karen Ford n me _Happy Birthday_

1988 Karen and I at party in Morgan Hill, California were we grew up

1998 in New Orleans dinner with Chris

2009 me and Karen Mardi Gras New Orleans

2010 at a plantation bathroom in Louisiana

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here we are August 2011

this is a stitched portrait of me by Jaclyn Rose of HolidayTart ...

Here is 2011 and we are more than half way through the year!
I have done some incredible things so far this year!
Yet alot of these activities have made me loose focus :so it is time to "Re-Focus" on dolls and my tight knit circle!
Which can be difficult if you are a natural social butterfly!
My re-focus project involves getting a part time job with a consistent income so I can pay off the many bills acquired recently! My dream is to move to New Orleans in the next 5 years and buy a home! In order to do that I need to be debt free so I can garden, make art and raise SailorHank. His sister DarbyJane will be in college in 4 years (yikes).
As much as I LOVE being out and socializing , it really gets in my way of being productive! it gets in the way of my JUJU, and I want focus!
I came home from my tour feeling that I need to disconnect from night life a bit.....I just finished celebrating 5 years of residency in Seattle with a 600 photograph installation at Fred Wildlife Refuge.
So wish me luck .....I will be isolating my self so if you';d like to see me, come over and watch Skeleton Key while i work or stop by the gallery for the weekly private viewings.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One thousand eight hundred and twenty five days later- MISS OBLIVIOUS artist statement

1,825 Days in Seattle

In 2006, I put my family of 4, my handmade dolls, my zines, plus 2 black cats into a U-Haul and drove 800 miles from California to the Pacific Northwest. I was 33 years old and ready for a change.

One thousand eight hundred and twenty five days later, the photographs you see in this exhibit capture those changes that I was looking for, changes that would forever alter my being.

From the gritty wonderland of Circus Contraption, Seattle’s leading dark circus show, down cobble stone streets to The CanCan Cabaret and into

ZAPP, were I climbed the stage for zine reading carnivals.

Included here is my adoption by a sphere of females, where together we formed a craft group, the WACKY MAMA’s, and later, through many inebriated and full moon nights with conversations of gris gris. We transformed into

“The Teflon Sisters” an enchanted circle of art zine publishers.

In my 5 years I have documented and participated in events such as NOISEFORTHENEEDY, Dark Avenue, Skinny Dip, Josephine, IHEARTRUMMAGE, International Cabaret Fests, HardTimes, Mourning Market, The Bad Things,

Tin Hat drinking sessions & Snackhole: to name a few.

I captured all of these images of my new peers that hold court in my heart and the performers that opened my spirit.

Watching children grow and friendships strengthen.

I have documented our every move.

After these 1,825 days I encourage you all to make change, document your happenings and appreciate life!

…..xoxo Miss Oblivious now KOOK Teflon

Gala Opening