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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marie Laveau dolly w/Kali arms by Miss Oblivious

Hello everyone...
Here is my newest doll that will actually reside in a wooden curio box stomping on the devil. It was inspired by a friends new tattoo. Lee Kyle has it on his chest ....the dress is re constructed vintage (1960's) dress ruffle tuxedo shirt, it is 100 % hand sewn and all the voodoo essentials that she holds are handmade.
.gris gris bag
.voodoo doll
It is for the 2nd annual "Carnival of Saints" doll art show in New Orleans, at Poets Gallery which will have an opening gala October 1st, 2011
This will be presented as
"Laveau- Thee Patron Spirit of New Orleans"
the exhibit includes 13 of this generations darkest and darling female doll makers

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