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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seattle International Cabaret Festival! Poe's Peculiar Parlour 5 nights!


Tarot, Tea, Film, Literature and Live Music at the Pensione Nichols
November 11 15

A dazzling array of arts collide at the Pensione Nichols during the Seattle International Cabaret Festival from Wednesday, November 11 through Sunday, November 15.

Tarot and literary readings, visual art, film screenings and live musical entertainment all play a part in Poes Peculiar Parlour series. Attendees are encouraged to join in the spirit by dressing in Victorian garb.

New Yorks Huxley Vertical Cabaret kick off the proceedings on Wednesday, Nov. 11, joined by Circus Contraptions Shmootzi the Clod.

Thursday is a meet-the-artist affair, with entertainment from Veronique Chevalier, NYC Seth Bedford and Hollywood/SF-based Agness Twin.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Armitage Shanks plays host to an evening devoted to the great Kurt Weill.

The legendary Dame Darcy will be reading palms, screening her films and signing books on Saturday, Nov. 14. The evening is hosted by Diva Le Deviant and features a cabaret performances by Stella Rose + from SF Vinsantos.

Sunday s closing night event is a history of the spirit boards, presented by Gargoyles. It features surprise short film screenings, as well as a reading by Maureen Donnell, music by Death By Doll and Lonesome Shack.

The gallery display has been curated by Miss Oblivious.
Crystal Fosnaugh
Mike Mullins
Sara Devout
Christy Kane

A complete line-up is attached. All shows start at 7 pm. The Pensione Nichols is located at 1923 First Avenue. Phone is 206-441-7125.

The Seattle International Cabaret Festival takes place at various venues throughout downtown Seattle, beginning November 6 and resuming November 11 through 15. It pays homage to the genre storied roots but focuses on contemporary performances by artists from around the globe.

Its presented by producer Chris Snell, whose Can Can Presents production company has been recognized by such media heavy hitters as the Wall Street Journal and the BBC for its creation, development and management of unconventional music and physical performance acts, is a staunch supporter of the re-energized genre.

Confirmed performers include the Can Cans Castaways, Vagabond Opera (Portland), Kitten On The Keys (San Francisco) and Peculiar Pretzelmen (Los Angeles). DJs include KEXPs Darek Mazzone, Emerald City Soul Club, I (heart) Shiva and Switzerlands Gypsy Sound System.

SICF is presented in association with The Moore Theater, The Triple Door, ACT Theater, Pensione Nichols and Can Can. It is sponsored by the Seattle Theatre Group and Pensione Nichols.

For more information, visit

Every night Miss O has curated a true gem of our Generation! Tarot and tea nightly, films, literature readings, live performances and a gallery filled with some of the most obscure artist!

SEating is limited for this very unique event!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I will never be the same...Never!

My heart is heavy and soul is sometimes a bit crushed! Lethargy has weasled her way back into my patterns!
Insomnia come and goes!
I spent the last 5 days in California for my one of my closest friends on the planet! I had a superb time! I will leave out the not-so-good happenings as if i brought them up it would make me look well I feel stuck sometimes! I want to make the best decisions! Yet I have a heart of an artist and am a romantic til death!
Yet some tradtional occurances I have formed, keep me leading a very unbreakable habit!
Make any sense? well it doesn't have to because I am confused as my emotions run rampid through my veins and eyes and HEART!
Did I mention my heart is very heavy? Well it is!
I remember when it was light and it smiled and had joy from a companion in it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oblivious Era Summer 2009

Miss Oblivious turned 36 in 2009 and these are the events that followed for the next one-hundred and twelve days!

I started this summer with attending a wedding and I will close the summer with another wedding of a dear friend!
In May I vended my dolllies at Dark Ave

A mourning birthday for Lanny ....

Miss O joined the Castaways for Gay Pride and our float won the prize and Miss O was a mess by 2p.m. but hey I looked good!

I made many dolls!

Miss Derringer came into town!

We went camping and to Leavenworth for vacation!

Pasta The DeeJay was in town for a week! ALong with Quintron and Miss Pussycat

I filmed a new video for the Lillium

and for Funis new novel!

Dame darcy and Death By Doll stayed at my house for a holiday and live show at The Josephine!

I was also honored to photograph some of the Northwest's most beautiful and talented individuals!

The Castaways premeired their new show!

J9 took me to see Depeche Mode!

The saddest thing this summer was Circus Contraption calling it quits!

and I enjoyed many nights of recluse divinity!
Even though it looks like I am always out and socializing in reality I am almost always home sewing dolls, writing, editing photographs, daydreaming about New orleans and Astoria , Oregon or at the TV station editing videos and I am now co-starring in the mini-series Botswana USA

Here are some fliers for the above mentioned events that were MISS O presents:

New Orleans May 2009

Here I am writing about the trip that changed many things and switched my era as to speak of.
I have been very busy ,yet very numb!
I am not depressed, I am not happy, I am not sad, I am not overwhelmed..I just am! Well for the passed 12 monthes.

So Many great occurances grace themselves in my presence and I am very fortunate to have wonderful and talented peers,friends and family!
Okay it is September and it has taken only another planned trip to the cresent city to push out a narrative of my late spring adventures!
This trip was caused from my very best friend for 23 years tying the knot@!She found herself a keeper! He is sweet, intelligant and fun!
My highschool pal KUBO and I decided to share a room over at the Ritz affliliated suites!
Karen and Kimmy swooped me from the barley humid airport! Mexican food and girly alcoholic beverages! Many laughs and thoughts were shared between the three of us, heck it had been over ten years since the three of us had been together! The last time was my surprise attack in '98.

We devoured our meal and overindulged in our trampy n sweet drinks!
It was time to now pick KUBO up from her city of angels flight!~

Next would be the drive-thru dacqueri shack! Yes these joints are like Taco Bells and McDonalds, except they only serve slurpy type alcoholic mixes with such names as Swamp Juice,Gator Brew..well you get the idea!
After the first night we didn't se much of Karen as she was preparing her decadent wedding and out-of-town family members!

So Kubo and I strolled through the divine streets of the french quarter, garden district haunted tours,

25 cent cosmos at The Commanders Palace,Cemetary strolls(of course)Miss O loves Cemetaries and thinks they are so romantic!If anyone was ever trying to win me over a picnic, bottle of bubbly wine and an enchanted over grown cemetary would do the trick! I'd be yours forever!

late night stomps through one eyed jacks and boozy streets!(P.S do not ever.. ever.. ever walk down Bourbon street! Especially if it is hot out! Vomit and horse droppings do not mix well)We walked about 14 miles total!(She has a spedometer on her phone)

The next day would be rehersal dinner and time to aqcuainted with the grooms Argentinan pals! Pasta our 'ol pal since high school, AJ and Rudy plus Cal and Pat Ford really were the hits of the party!

Then that Bayou sun was set and the moon brought out the 80's hits, woman dancing around the pool and boys in the pool!

This was when I felt the bride and the grooms life long friends bonded! We swam and drank til the morning was near!

82" />

Kubo and I laid in our fluffy, comfy bed and called it quits!~
The next morning was girl time at the salon and the day of official "I do's"
In true Karen Ford fashion she had a mason jar filled to the brim of some alocoholic potions and we sipped these mixes while hands and feet were primped!

Next was the brides make-up in which I was in control of applying! And AJ did a beautiful updo on the bride! She was stunning!The limo arrived and we all hopped in with much more champagne and I held back my tears!
I was so overwhelmed and pleased that my very best friend had found such a great, thoughtful and caring fella to spend her life with!

The church had very beautiful and dark iconic statues!

Quintron played the organ with such class and the scene was set! KAREN FORD & SEBASTIAN were tying the knot!

It was very traditional yet I enjoyed every second of it! This was real, this was gorgeous!

After vows were exchanged it was time for The Bayou house!

Quintron was kind enough to give Kubo,Kitty Lynn and Myself a ride in his limo to this historical event!

The food was divine ,

the bar was open and hospitality was in full throttle!

A man named Michael(full of charm) photographed me and gave Kubo lessons of traditional southern manners and they danced on the greenest grass!

The Steamboat boys were very entertaining!

I met an amazing man named Michael.D and he is someone I can talk to forever, he is a historical genius and very talented!

I danced with the ladies and Kevin Ford was swinging all through the lovely set of the sounds. Bonnie and Chris,Pat and Cal, and everyone else was strolling through this southern night of pure decadence!

The pool was once again utilized! Mayhem and bliss and heavenly unforgotten times were had! This was the best wedding I had ever attended!

Cucumber and mint filled the air! In the very late night(early morning) after Kubo and I had strolled down Esplanade and chatted for an additional hour at karens Home we finally closed our eyes and agreed we had a wonderous evening!

The morning after clothing items were discovered, pictures were proof and fuzzy memories were all we had left to get us through the warm spring day before I boarded a plane back to the North West!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have updated my etsy shop

Yes it's true kids.. I just uploaded many new items created by me..Miss Oblivious...
Please go take a look and support a wacky, haunted and messy artist..