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Friday, September 4, 2009

Oblivious Era Summer 2009

Miss Oblivious turned 36 in 2009 and these are the events that followed for the next one-hundred and twelve days!

I started this summer with attending a wedding and I will close the summer with another wedding of a dear friend!
In May I vended my dolllies at Dark Ave

A mourning birthday for Lanny ....

Miss O joined the Castaways for Gay Pride and our float won the prize and Miss O was a mess by 2p.m. but hey I looked good!

I made many dolls!

Miss Derringer came into town!

We went camping and to Leavenworth for vacation!

Pasta The DeeJay was in town for a week! ALong with Quintron and Miss Pussycat

I filmed a new video for the Lillium

and for Funis new novel!

Dame darcy and Death By Doll stayed at my house for a holiday and live show at The Josephine!

I was also honored to photograph some of the Northwest's most beautiful and talented individuals!

The Castaways premeired their new show!

J9 took me to see Depeche Mode!

The saddest thing this summer was Circus Contraption calling it quits!

and I enjoyed many nights of recluse divinity!
Even though it looks like I am always out and socializing in reality I am almost always home sewing dolls, writing, editing photographs, daydreaming about New orleans and Astoria , Oregon or at the TV station editing videos and I am now co-starring in the mini-series Botswana USA

Here are some fliers for the above mentioned events that were MISS O presents:

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