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Thursday, July 21, 2011

1,825 days in Seattle

1,825 Days in Seattle as Seen Through Photos Captured by Miss Oblivious

When asked what events one has proudly participated in over the last five years, most would mutter something about a promotion at work, some sort of commencement at school, or the final payment on some mundane material possession. Miss Oblivious, on the other hand, has spent the last five years in an uninhibited pursuit of those events in life that permeate one with indignant awe.

1,825 Days in Seattle is a collection of photographs taken by Miss Oblivious during her tenure in the Rain City ; during which she was given access to the unique world of Seattle ’s antiestablishment arts. Always with her camera hand, Miss Oblivious is just as comfortable participating in the events as she is photographing them, including creating hand-sewn dolls for performances by Circus Contraption, hosting parlor events at The Seattle Cabaret Festival, adorning Bellydance troupes as tarot cards, and crafting curios for The Can Can cabaret. Beyond the photography of events and performances, are her collection individual portraits that seem to capture the true temperament of her eccentric Seattleite subjects. If there is one event you should proudly participate in, make it 1,825 Days in Seattle .


!,825 days + 30 Years of fliers with Lady Krishna

curated by DAMEBUIDER

Thursday August 11th, 2011 6-9p.m.

Fred Wildlife Refuge

127 East Boylston

Seattle WA 98101


included in the evening will be live performances and DJ's

Stella Rose//Eliza Rickman//SistaFIST//DJ Amateur Youth//DJ LA Kendall//J9 Fierce

plus more TBA

Featured Artist:

Miss Oblivious, a part-time resident of Seattle , lives in a world of perpetual ruinous glamour and, as the Seattle Times so elegantly inscribed, is the official documentarian of the Seattle cabaret scene. A doll-maker, photographer, painter, writer, film-maker, promoter, producer, and art instructor, she is inspired by people and events that embody the underbelly of society including, but not limited to, the dust-bowl glamour of traveling sideshows and circuses, the dark history of Gold Rush era Seattle and New Orleans’ French Quarter, and the unacknowledged icons of queer culture. Although Miss Oblivious has had her dolls and photographs exhibited in New York , Los Angeles , San Francisco , and New Orleans , she is a regular participant of art and photography exhibits in Seattle.

Miss Oblivious and her inspiring art work were the subject of a January 2010 feature article in Seattle ’s Sinner magazine. She has unashamedly introduced Seattle to "New Orleans PopRockNeoVock" Vockah Redu & tha Cru, Miss Oblivious is one of the co-founders of the ongoing annual Seattle Cabaret Festival. She is currently available for commissions and photo shoots and would like her collectors to know that she places a eucalyptus nut from 19th century trees planted in the San Francisco estate of former New Orleans resident and civil rights advocate, Mary Ellen Pleasant in most of her dolls.

Lady Krishna-
30 Year retrospect in fliers from NYC - Seattle....
Lady Krishna (Natasha) is a true artist with every step & breath she takes. This artist helps to inspire generations. The unspoken and yet infamous mayor of Capitol Hill she embraces her spirit which aids her surroundings into meditation and yoga. Enlightening her peers to embrace their inner beauty with strength, living un-selfish + so eager to enlighten.

Lady Krishna is the artist that will be written about in historical terms for the future youth.
Notorious and yet personable, giving yet gifted, she paints and collages master pieces that the elite can relate to.
She lives for her dreams....we shall all take note and engulf this experience....

Lady Krishna has her Peppermint Lounge in which she summons all the outcasts,hunks,unique chique , and passion from within a community to dance with an angelic vocal sound that seduces her audiences.

pHATIMA...Lee Rude is divinity

I adore this human being. artist. performer beauty!!!!