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Monday, January 29, 2007

From the south of North

A complimentary message from the south of north Current mood: cranky Category: Writing and Poetry
You know some daze I honestly feel like "what am I doing" especially since my move and even my closest friends haven't really kept in contact with me, I may get a phone call from them every couple monthes, which made me a little sad latley. I was mailing out at least 20 letters/packages/postcards a week when I first arrived! Whom has returned any sort of contact? let's see.. Roxy n' Lulu(Floating Corpses), Jai, Val( i never even sent her one and she took intitive!), Keith M, Alice B, Karyn Ford,Greg,Xtian, Annette, Dame Darcy(a thank you card for sending her stuff)Ritchie Flame and Gregory are the only ones that sent or replied anything in Return!!Computers are conveinant and I love 'em but a physical piece of mail is so much more personal and don't forget exciting! I hate the whole excuse of "oh I ma not a mail person" blah blah blah.. it takes less than 5 minutes to send a thought in through the mail. and damn it only costs 39........anyway
Then I open an email the other day and got this and get that warm feeling of effecting SOMEBODY!!

Hello Cheyanne, You probably don't remember me, so let me Introduce myself. The name is Rick L, born, and raised in Morgan Hill, you are probably familiar with my cousins Jon, and Paul(L), but none of that is important. Let me tell you what is, or what you did for me, I'll take you back 6 years. You see on my first ever date with my wife, things weren't going well, actually it started off pretty horrid. That is until we decided to go to Katie Blooms to re-group, it was dead, Amy Palazollo(sp?) was behind the Bar, and it was just you, and her. You asked what we were up to, and we explained that it was our first date, you replied with something I don't remember, and we described our misfortune. Then you did something that chaged everything, you replied "We got to do something about that" and with that you ordered 4 German Chocalate Cake shots, The 4 of us raised those shots in the air, and then knocked them back. We kicked it for a little while, and then we parted ways, the rest of the night was amazing, probably the BEST FIRST DATE of my life. It was all your doing, and both Beth and me have never forgot it, so I say to you, MISS O, THANK YOU!!! You might of thought it was nothing special, but it changed everything for us, and we are Thankful to say the least. Also your dolls are FUCKING INSANE, I would love to purchase for Beth as a reminder of that Fateful night, can I order directly from you??? Please let me Know, Beth would cherish it, just like she cherishes the night the 4 of us shared at Katies. Thanks Again, Rick L