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Monday, September 26, 2011

Queen of Carnival- New Orleans

Queen of Carnival
"Carnival is a celebration of great excess. It is a time when the flesh and all of the material pleasures that it apprehends are set ablaze in the passion of the moment"-

Frances "Franny" Bernoulli attended her first carnival in 1902 and was an avid part of the festivities. She passed away at the 1926 Mardi Gras, a 'lil intoxicated and lack of sleep, she was jumping up for some glass beads and slipped under a float which crushed her! The following year during the flood her body was found in skeleton form, yet still in her extravagant attire!
Legend has it that if your on St.Anne Street on Fat Tuesday you can catch her ghost running up and down the sidewalk.
a eucalyptus nut from 19th century trees planted in the San Francisco estate of former New Orleans resident, voodoo priestess and civil rights advocate, Mary Ellen Pleasant, in all dolls.

Hand-stitched, Antique Crown, Queen of hearts card found on street,vintage Mardi Gras trim
22 inches

available at:
3113 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 · Get Directions