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Monday, October 17, 2011

KOOK is a market ghost tour guide

I have landed my dream job!!!
At Market Ghost Tours! I also do the LUST tour which are at 8p.m. most Thurs/Fri/Sat
I try and change up my theme for each tour.......with diff hats and veils I think this next week the theme will be -dancing with death-

Friday, October 14, 2011

POPS n KOOK tie the knot

photo by:Vinsantos

This weekend is the wedding anniversary of POPS n KOOK, though our titles in 2005 were Miss Oblivious and The Cap'n.

We were wed by the macabre snobbish tramp Vinsantos, I was walked down the port by my drag FAUX father and catering was by the radical fairy Luke Warm, Angie was the maid of honor and she serenaded the 90+ guests and wedding party into heartfelt tears ( a song she wrote for me on my wedding day)!
Master Rikki Furcoat built us a ship to stand above onlookers and conduct our "I do"s" plus the other dozen or so that made it special with preparations!

I would have lost my marbles if it wasn't for two of my dearest soul sisters Terri Boatwright and Xtina spending the week with me from the NW and really tying all the loose ends! My BFF lived through Hurricane Katrina ,yet still was in attendance just weeks after the horrendous ordeal!

10-15-05 is our exact wedding date, A month we chose out of a necessity and passion for all hallows eve...Our honeymoon consisted of Haunted Mansions,Ghostly occupied Hotels and Tim Burton! None of those traditional summer nuptials, white dresses or Hawaiian honeymooners!!!

My vows were from the Doll Book intro of Blake, his were from a turn of the century ship captains handbook, our ceremony songs chosen were by The Damned,Velvet Underground, David Bowie and Cat Power......the boys wore rouge (one with a fake parrot on his shoulder and eye patch)and the girls were dressed in custom handmade Japanese school girl sailor uniforms!

Though we have our ups and our downs this is a marriage dreamt of by the king and queen of Samhain! Bitter sweet and Heavenly!!! There was also a SF University Documetary that filmed us the weeks following up to the event!
(I will post that link soon if u are interested!)

I love POPS with all my heart, he has taught so much over the past (almost 12 years) how to be observant, let others have the spotlight (instead of trying to out-do or compare my story with others)listen & let them talk: which is nice!

To be more appreciative of life ad less self-destructive, be considerate,
I am blessed that I am able to live my dreams and aspirations, he supports my mayhem and encourages me to be me! When I look around me I realize that this is not the case for many, but again we are not like the others......

My latest dream is going to uproot our family again in the next 5 years, yet he makes me mixed cd's of swampy sounds, gifts me with books on the wonderful state of Louisiana, and encourages my intrigue with different religions and rituals with handbooks on gris gris and the Queens that practiced on the soil of the Vieux Carre.
I hope to match him in these areas!

I dream of us aging in our creole cottage and collaborating on projects to leave behind for future generations....

and I will admit he is almost always right about people and places and things: so I stopped rebelling and started listening....

I want to thank him for
MY DAUGHTER (that he embraced as his own)
and gifting me with my darling boy
the three of them saved me from a downward spiral of self destruction and uncaring traits.....
They continue to inspire me everyday with their words, strength,wit and charisma!

voodoo illustrations by sailorhank

Marie Lavaeu
There once was a guy who said to Marie Lavaeu that my son was in trouble can you help me, she told him “I can”. So Marie went to the church alone and placed spicy peppers in her mouth then put them under the judges chair in court, the son was magically free’d .

voodoo fables by SailorHank

The Baron
Baron went into the graveyard one day and saw a spirit, the moon was shining bright that night his face was half man and half skull, and he had the power now to keep the spirits safe. The End

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Violence Girl

This review is from: Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, a Chicana Punk Story (Paperback)

When I first saw Alice sing it was 1985 I was 12 yrs-old,(Decline of Western Civilization) her power moved me through the television screen & records, her stage presence so powerful, conquering and sexy without even trying. Now in the pages of "Violence Girl" she reveals were this power was birthed, her strength comes through the pages just as strong.

In diary style,reading her stories you feel like you were there, in her world- right next to her.

The first 2 pages of "Violence Girl" made goosebumps form up and down my arms, the electricity on the pages of her description of being on stage and in control: in an out-of-control situation.

Literally going through a series of emotions- nostalgia,tears,vigor and laughter within the next 378 carnal pages.

Alice hides nothing in this book!!!! How refreshing!

A childhood that feels so disturbing but rewarding. Filled with love yet demons finding their way into her household, when Alice describes the violence her father inflicted in such detail, you can't help but feel scared and helpless. Ending each story with an epic thought

"I never loved my father more than at that moment when he took my word against everyone Else's"- you understand & accept their bond.

Most of the time these type of autobiographies are written second hand (by a brother,sister,lover,fan) or when the subject has passed on, especially from this place and time.

Intimate epiphanies following these recollections "suddenly realized that a woman who refused to play by the rules could change everything" add to the experiences described in such detail.

This is also a documentation of an origin that changed music,fashion,art that has inspired generations, before social networking or the World Wide Web.

I will be recommending this book to teen girls, mothers and independent thinkers that are needing some empowerment, cause Alice proves to us that no matter what "We are in control of our dreams and our lives" revealing through humor and sometimes second thoughts always holding her head high. Learning from mistakes without shame.

Here I am a 38 year old mother of two and still as inspired by Alice as I was at 12 years-old (in more ways now)and still claim her to be my top 5 woman of all time!

Thank you Alice.......

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lee Kyle has beautiful innards and visions

-I just framed all of Lee Kyles block art/watercolor and postcards to display in my living room, "who needs a TV when you have art like this"-

I met Lee Kyle in May 2010 at Fair Grinds coffee, he has become a good friend! He has welcomed me into his home ,made me beautiful meals,we've traveled together, both been kissed by Holly Woodlawn,done a handful of art shows together and he really inspires me immensely!

In more ways than one, his sobriety is very inspiring! Though I drink a 3rd of what I did 10 years ago, I still do drink, but he has stayed sober for 2 years. His art is brilliant,seedy and unique just like him!
In the last year and a half or so I have received a postcard nearly every month I always look forward to receiving these gorgeous messages with his artwork on one side and his kind thoughts on the other!

I imagine gardening, doll-making and road trips in our future~

Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you know what its like?

Wednesday September 28th, 2011 I embarked on my ninth trip in three years to New Orleans.
I wonder as I step onto the plane each time what this city will reveal to me. Each day spent in the Crescent City fuels my passion for its crooked houses, humid air and late night living.

This year would also be the second annual "Carnival of Saints and Souls doll Show".

Also I had a co-pilot J9 Fierce(plus her dance troupe TRIPTYCH).
It would be J9's first visit and I was anxious to show her a handful of what this city has to offer (14 bars the first night)!
I imagine it will take a lifetime to discover NOLA in its entirety
(if thats possible).

My best friend in the whole wide world has unveiled the cities teasing luxury -both seedy and classy to me on each adventurous visit. She has resided here since 1995 and is a seasoned character.

Another 'ol pal and psychedelic family member/Queen Bitch settled in the summer of 2010 from California.

Some of my soul-mates for the last 15-20 years.
Plus the many enduring spirits that I have bonded with :within my last three years worth of visits....

The Mudlark gals stole my heart and are guarding it inside their palace.

My dolly sisters and I stumbled down the sunny Vieux , eating and bonding!
Each visit consists of encounters with new friends that are "pure darlings" and hospitable. Like only the southern pride themselves in.
My heart aches, it longs to awake every morning next to the smoke filled bar rooms, dueling oaks, swamps and a Triangle in the Marigny.

I hold my breath and make that wish on a daily basis!

I thought I had beat the tears, yet 2 hours prior to take-off as I stepped out onto St.Anne at Chartres I touched the wrought iron, smelled the beignet's,heard the horns of vagabonds -the salty water streamed down my cheek for I knew it was time to part:
as if it were the best lover I had leave.....til next time my passionate,romantic,dark,wicked,breathtaking city...xoxoxo