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Monday, December 29, 2008

short film"Je Garde Ledi" screening Jan 5th at The Cancan

"Je Garde' Ledi" screening on January 5th at The Cancan

That's right folks and it's FREE!!! If you missed the first screening of miss O's short film now is your chance to see it in Seattle classiest and most divine location!
94 pike STREET
www. thecancan. com

PLus it is Absinthe Happy Hour!

PLus full installation by: Crystall Fosnaugh

PLUS: Dolls by Miss O and Sara devout

PLUs live dancing by Stella ROSE

PLus more live Female musicians and singers!!!

DO NOT MISS this unique event!

all ages! FREE!!! 8p.m.

January 5th

Dolls, dolls n' more dolls by Miss Oblivious!

I have some big plans for 2009!
I made a doll for the lovely Miss Pussycat the mrs. to Mr. Quintron! she is the blondie with morocas!
The other dolls are for sale and still available so please contact me for purchase!

January5th: My short film "Je Garde' Ledi" will show for free along with some of Seattles premium female artist!

January 2009 start filming for my feature documentary on Dollmakers and their collectors (stay tuned for more info)

January 15th (Thursday) Cafe'Racer presents: Paynecreations Ensamble of art with live music

January 25th CRafty Chic at The Tiger Tail 11a.m.-3p.m. in Ballard

Feb 1st IHR at CHop Suey on Capitol HIll noon-4p.m.

Feb 13-25th California (L.A. & SF) Pending shows

March 14th open reception for miss O at the Plasteel Gallery in Seattle

April 2009 Miss O & Vinsantos Debut in New Orleans

SF October 2008

I flew out for one of my best friends birthdays "Uneven Steven" and to see my yearly stamina filth driven band "The Tiger Lillies" this was a superb revised visit! and the third to claim in a 3 month time period! I have felt a bit lost these past 6 months and am ready to be focused! I look back on my busy life and more so FOCUSED life in these blogs and am feeling inspired to get back on track and open some new horizons!

Miss Oblivious and Darling NIkki

Oblivious Nation Zine

new aqcuaintances

Auset Gypsy
Upon arrival from my summer getaway to California was the second Yacht party of Eastlake. I had just sourly departed ways from a close friend and collaborator & was in dire need to have my spirits lifted! Dopp had called and insisted I take a cruise around the sound with my Cancan fam. My mourning stage had literally just begun so my first response was I am not feeling well and would have to pass. Yet he said we set sail at 8 p.m. sharp “BE THERE”. He had also mentioned that a lovely gentleman by the name Auset Gypsy (James) from the east coast would be joining them and I really needed to meet him! James designs his own tarot deck each year by hand, has his own astrology radio show and so on & on.
My husband arrived home around 7:15 and I told him the yacht party was tonight but I was staying in and he said” what” you really need to get out of the house!!!! So in my mind a trigger was pulled and Miss O mode was back! Yeah! How in the hell could I miss this? I need a night at sea with some of my closest Seattle peers and fam.
So I dazzled my eyelids, dressed to impress and headed for the high seas! Well the sound at least! It was with no regret and I did meet a divine creature (Auset Gypsy). We became very acquainted and were able to hangout throughout his weeklong NW stay1 We have kept in contact and in hopes of a future move that involves him living in our emerald city which would result in a gem of a time! Please go check out all his cool candles, tarot and astrology online