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Friday, May 18, 2007

Apperations not for the faint at heart!

Apperations with Miss O from a past issue...Beleive it!
A life so natural it's super....:For the past few issues I haven't wanted new topics to cover and different bands to see, I have made an effort to start a new chapter and here we go. Hope you still enjoy this mess.
I photographed a beautiful woman this month and it's been hard to decide which photo to use for the cover and I took a vote, asked half a dozen volunteers which image captured is most eye catching and without any knowledge of what the others said they all picked the same one.
I am a Halloween fanatic, my room with a bed is themed in all hallows eve and my art is focused and inspired from the after-life and creatures from another realm, a past century and deep-sea apperitions.
My intrigue with the supernatural started at very young age due to my own mother's fascination and stories. My grandmother's liberated religious & spiritual stories of woman being possessed and of the demons that overcame a human shell.
My first comment that my mother speaks of is when I told her "I had been sent down here from the sky". I remembered being sent. I was only 3 years old.
For me it started in 1978 we lived in an old home in an old neighborhood. My mother had just migrated us from southern California and was starting afresh in a small town 40 minutes south off SF.
. She claimed to see a man in her doorway at night, screaming wails of a man and woman when the bathtub was turned on, (which was claimed through her and my step-father without prior knowledge or exchange, since they had just started dating and didn't want the other to think he/she was a weirdo.)
My wild mother even started attending church and claimed it was the evil spirits upset at her new beliefs. We were never a regular eat at the table kind of family, yet we would awake in the morning with the table completely set. We had a guest room; well more of junk rooms were all odds n ends were thrown. This room was always freezing, even in the hot summer months and was always a complete disaster. Weird belongings would be found in here, toothbrushes, dish soap, dirty clothes, which had never been placed by any of us.
My mother even went for help at her new church, the pastor recommended holy cloths blessed by the blood of the lamb. I slept in an old bed that my grandmother gave us, made of a heavy metal frame and posts. My mother tied these holy cloths to my bed since she was told most spirits like to visit children since they don't know any better than not to believe.
Waiting til I was asleep she tied 'em in many knots, so that the only way they could be removed would either be time consuming or by scissors. To her skin tingling surprise in the morning they were all lying around my bed on the floor! Franticly waking me asking if I had done this? I looked at her very puzzled.
Things seemed to calm down yet my mother loved telling all her stories. She worked graveyard (no pun intended) at a restaurant. One night, about 4 a.m. all the staff sat down for a break, after the bar crowd had left. The dishwasher's father was there and he insisted on my mother telling him about her experiences. As I stated above my mom is eager to tell her story to any willing ear. As soon as she was finished, an older couple that were sitting in the room, turned to tell my mom and her co-workers that 5 minutes before they had all sat down to tell ghost stories that the silverware on the table behind them had moved, the man went on to say that " he saw it move and my wife heard it" and as soon as he was finished with that sentence, the syrup on the table between the couple, my mom and her co-workers flew off the middle of the table and landed on the floor. 6 Witnesses to this and all they did were pick it up and rush back to work completely numb. Of course just another added true story my mother could tell any eager listener!
By the time I was in jr.high my mother was single again and remained so 'til my senior year.
We both Dove into the, metaphysical, supernatural and dream world, we took classes to further our knowledge and learn why all this happens and how to work with our intuitions. I learned tarot, I did readings and hung onto all the experiences at night in dreamland. The meanings of this and that.
We then discovered past life regressions and was told that I had been a gypsy in another life, one that danced around the fire, wore much jewelry and could never love just one man which drove my lovers insane, also explaining my free sprirted/punkrock living life (I was 14 at the time).
I had also been a mountain man explorer on my own and had been mauled by a bear-like creature explaining my love yet high fear of the forest and woods.
My best friend Karin and I made a ouija board, my entire –life I had been lectured about, "do not ever touch one leave the room if your friends even talk about ouija" ("the forbidden tool") Naturally when your parents say don't do, you think what is the big deal? We contacted a boy that had died during the black plague and was terrified of our pet rat.

Karin was so intrigued that she was doing it alone in her room at night. I taught her how to leave her body and check things out in other locations, how to ground herself when feeling disconnected. We are still close and she now resides in New Orleans.
My mother and I were soon discovering our spirit guides and why we are on the paths we choose before being birthed.
It was a light turned on for us both my thirty something old mother and me as a new teen confused, frustrated and rebellious. These times occurred in 1985-1990.
I laways practiced my learnings within but hardly ever showed my knowledge to others.
In 1995 I moved in with two roomies in an intriguing Victorian located in downtown San Jose. I have always shared my experiences with close friends and such yet for the most part this side of me had been keeping a very low profile.

Elisa, Vince and I lived together for well over a year and started going our own ways, which led to a lot of nights with Elisa at home alone. She says she would be laying in bed and suddenly the hall light would turn on and she'd jump up thinking that one of us had decided to come home, yet to her surprise none had came home. She would lie in bed at night and there would be swooshing sensation above her, (things gliding above her and hearing the motions).
Any intuitive friend that would come for a visit would bring up the feeling in our home without us ever telling 'em of our experiences. They would point to the hallway, which connected all the bedrooms into a laundry room.
When I started dating most were not interested or were so frightened of apparitions that it was barely spoken of. In my 8 years residing at this home I never ever spent one night alone except for once and of course in all honesty it was a stormy night fully equipped with rain, thunder and lightening. Terrified, creeped out tuitive I soon took sleeping pills to get any sleep.
I had my first child at this house and before we moved (she was 5), her room was Elisa's old room. One night when I was putting her to sleep she asked" mommy why are people throwing Frisbee's in her room at night"?
My skin crawled and my back was chilled. I kept calm and said" honey what do you mean"? She said well at night when I am lying in my room I hear swooshing above me and it sounds like Frisbee's when you throw them"! Oh Geeeezzzz.. This was the exact way Elisa explained this room when it was hers.I had never told Darby of this ever!
Simon would never lemme tell him any of these stories or experiences and he knew I knew the truth and asked for me NOT to tell him anything!
One night after band practice we were in our part of the house relaxing and Ally (our bass player and believer), had ran upstairs to our housemates. There was a sort of spiral wooden staircase that led into our homes so we could enter each other's places whenever we felt. We heard Ally run down the stairs and into our living room, we were on the sofa and she stood above us white as sheet and I asked, "What happened"? Looking if she had seen her puppy hit by a semi.. With her eyes wild exclaiming "you are never gonna believe this", I said " Try me"!
Her story is she was coming downstairs and halfway down there was a victorian dressed lady looking up at her. Ally stood there, the lady stood there, they stared at each other and then Ally ran right through her in utter fear to our place.
I then told her she is not the first to experience this and that this house has many stories.
We decided to move when I was pregnant with Sailor Hank! I wanted Darby at a better school and we needed to leave the vadio (ghetto).
The boys all stayed and still reside in the above apartment and many of my friends have lived in my old space. The weeks post-move the space was left empty for renovating.

Richy(whom lived upstairs), said he was watching TV and heard all of the doors slamming downstairs, he soon jumped up thinking we may have returned to fetch any forgotten belongings. Zoomed down the stairs in seconds to find the entire apt, empty, dark and locked. He was terrified! He called us and we were 20 miles away in Cupertino, then telling us that when we still lived there, we had gone outta town for a few days and at night he'd hear old-fashion music on. It was very loud, so he thought" oh they came back early! So he ran down and when he walked inside it was pitched black and we had not returned and then the music would be gone, til the next night when it happened again and you guessed it: we were still gone!

Rich slept on his sofa for weeks, saying he could not even sleep in his room for fear of hearing something! Any friend that has lived in MY space since says it still smells like me and that weird stuff occurs. We laughed and said they must've been upset when I left that's why the doors were slamming and music was playing!
Since this time I have lived in three different homes. I no longer have had that "I don't wanna be here alone feeling", a creepy chill behind me when the lights are off, or any friends visiting asking if "I get a weird feeling"?
Up until NOW!
I recently moved out of state to Seattle, Wa (Ballard an old Scandinavian fishing area), our new home is three levels and about 70 years old.
I didn't think much at first of my three-year-old when he followed me absolutely everywhere at home.After about 2 monthes and me getting that cold feeling I asked him, "why don't you wanna be alone in a room here"? He replied" The Lady" and I said "The Lady"?, he said "yeah and she asks me to pull the rope for her", with my skin tingling even as I write, I said what?
He went on and on about it. I dropped it and tried not to think of it and especially not mentioning it to my husband since he is a non-believer, well maybe not a disbeliever but these situations scare the hell out of him! He doesn't even watch scary movies; he is non- religious and rose in Malaysia.
A few weeks passed and my son and I were cuddling in the morning and talking as we always do. He then pointed next to the bed and asked "Mommy what's that ladies name next to the bed"? damnit! Not again I thought to myself. He got very angry and asked over and over "who is that lady, what is her name". I told him I didn't see her and he said she is right next to the bed!!! I took a deep breath and changed the subject by turning on Seasame Street.
My mother came for a visit that week and asked me about it again and again and said she felt something. I now understand why he won't even let me go to the bathroom without him. I soon bought some sage to burn and my husband of course asked "why", I said you don't wanna know"!
So unless he reads this he is still in the dark so to say!
My cover model this month Jenine came over last week and we are still getting to know eachother, what I am getting at is she has no idea of the above stories or experiences. She stopped in the middle of a sentence as we sat on my bed and asked "Do you ever get a weird feeling in here"? OOOOOOOOOO……
YES! I then told her Sailor Hank's story and she said yes in that corner I feel it!
So the saga continues…
Oblivious Nation
Formerly "Cunt Fear"
October 2006
Not for the faint at heart, close-minded or non-beleivers….
Send any contributions,money or music to :
Miss Oblivious fan club…
p.o box 111
san martin, ca 95046

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Armitage Shanks at the CanCan

mishaps so sweet I'd shake a stick at!

so my life as the world turns goes as follows..
I have been having some very good times in these last few weeks.
I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary to moving and endearing the Great NW.
As most of you know I adore it!
I have made some very fine friends here and have many oppurtunites with my dolls and my zine.(And even though I am sad to not really hear from some of old pals as much as I'd like boo hoo!!): Thanks to Gina, Vince,Mikel,Rikki and DogSwan that call me on an almost weekly basis.
If you want more details and even more stories order the new issue of OBLIVIOUS NATION at my etsy store

I currently finished dolls for the CanCan Club
here in SEattle for their weekly Cabagazm show!

I made an amazing caged Tentacled sawfish!
I witnessed Circus Contraption twice this month talk about gazm ....

and was featured on Pajama Talk youtube show .
I still have dolls available at:
Diamond Tattoo ,
Tweede's Cafe' in Northbend"Twin Peaks Cafe" carry my Twin Peak dolls.

I also have an ETSY store which makes it super easy to buy dolls and zines
I updated my webpage and it looks super duper now! well better than it did!
with Home page design by ya know Annette Padilla
This Saturday April 7th I am a proud participant with The Tentacled Sawfish at The Can Can club 9 p.m. 94 pike street

Jesus & Mary Kissing booth , Baby Gramps, The Tentacled Sawfish, Burlesque by:Ann Atomic/Mz. Kaboom
My spoken word/zine reading went well and I met some wonderful girls that I look forward to spending alot more time with!
I lost a dear friend last week which was very hard to accept!

you will be sorely missed Leisa!

April 7 - 8p.m.- CanCan Club

April 8th- Datri Bean

May 3rd_ 6-10 p.m. Ok Gallery ( Rock n' roll photography exhibit(including my images)

May 4th 7 p.m. celebrate my 34th birthday with me at the Can Can then The showbox for an underbelly experience with The Yarddogs roadshow and Circus Contraption

May 6th IHEARTRUMMAGE at Crocodile Cafe' noon-4 p.m.

June 6th punk rock heaven with US Bombs, Charley Horse and DReadful Children

June 10-14th I will be photographer for noise for the needy 4 day music event

June 15th Vinsanto's and Tentacled Sawfish at the CanCan club

June 23rd (surprise in the works)

and last but not least I am on Tiger Lillies top picks.... now If I could decide which lilly is my favorite?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


March 18Hugo House's Zine Archive & Publishing Project Presents:Local Zinesters ReadA benefit for ZAPP.7 local zinesters onstage. Potluck at 6 p.m.; reading at 7 p.m.4 to 8 bucks.zines@hugohouse.orgFeaturing:Neely Bat ChestnutHazel PineAlexis WolfMiss ObliviousEllery RussianLaila HassanRonni TartlettEllery Russian, aka Hellery Homosex has been doing zines sincethe age of thirteen. Ellery's most circulated zine is "Ring of Fire", azine about (dis)ability, sexuality and gender. Ellery was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and works as a Physical Therapist and Collective Member at Left Bank Books.Alexis Wolf is a recently returned Seattle native. She lives by the railroad tracks and is trying to get good at drawing pictures of bears. For three years she has been make the zine Ilse Content. Recently she edited a compilation zine about grandparents, called Grand. She runs Use Your Words press and has released books with SSO Press of Olympia. Her readings are often performance based and include a fair bit of audio collage. She can be contacted at Bat Chestnut started writing zines as a young lass. She loves piles of, fabric, flowers, mail, and friends. Penpals are a must.She has written the zines "Mend My Dress" and "Dear Stepdad".She can be contacted at neely_ohara@hellokitty.comHazel Pine spends a ridiculous amount of time around zines, She writes zines, ("Cursive Bomb") works around zines and is a general zine nut. She believes personal zines will be the saving grace of us all, and hopes she can be a small part of that. She can be contacted at Oblivious:Inspired by condemned sake' houses, salty seashores and dustbowl glamour. She has been making zines since the Eary 90s, starting with her zine "Cunt Fear". Her most recent zine "Oblivious Nation: True Underground Mishaps" has been published monthly since March 2005. She is a proud contributer to She is also an established dollmaker & artist you can check out her stitching at and at IHEARTRUMMAGE.Laila Hassan and Ronni Tartlett:In 2001, tired of yelling and rending their garments whenever they read the news about the Middle East, Laila and Ronni realized that they could put their rants on paper and force them onto the public. The Missing Peace: Truth and Justice in Israel / Palestine was born. Laila is Palestinian and Irish Catholic. Ronni is a radical Jew. They are so happy they found each other. They can be reached at

Hugo house and ZAPP present:

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More mishaps than youcan shake a stick at!

order dollies and zines

keep up with Miss O

Paynecreations home (it has been revamped)

Fantastic Interveiw with Miss O at the Austrian Grrrl Zine Archive

I also contribute to the world famous Punk Globe

I have a periodic Blog Home

Hello all you beautiful ones,
I am updating all of you for my next thirty daze of mishaps and what nots,
things I am involved with and will be doing.
Please come hang-out and be a part of the madness.I am going to voyer at the Moisture fest for the first time! woohoo.

My show at the WAYWARD cafe' just ended and was a great success I sold over 10 dolls, photographs and over a dozen zines through the 40 daze I was able to display my messes

I have been working my rump off trying to rejuvinate my website so if any of you have suggestions I am open to all new ideas! I also opened an ETSY store to make it easy to shop for your Paynecreations and Oblivious Nation Zines (link above)
I want to thank the extraordinary artist/dollmaker Annette Padilla for designing my new home page it is amazing and an honor for her to design something for me with her busy schedule.

PJ Slumberson just came to my house to film me for his out-of-this-world YOUTUBE show I will be on episode 7

I still have dolls available at the following amazing locations

-I am joining Tentacle sawfish at different venues this month with a doll table
March 15th @ The CanCan 10p.m.(

March 17th @Jules Mae 8p.m.

March 18th
Hugo House Zinesters:

A ZAPP benefit: I will be joining six other local zinesters on stage reading my adventures at Condemned Sake' houses, salty seashores and musty basements from the last two issues.
A potluck starts at 6p.m. and readings start at 7p.m.all ages. The Hugo house is located at 1634 Eleventh Ave Seattle , Wa 98122 (Capitol Hill)

Sunday April 1st

I am embarking on Tribal Bellydancing and just finished my six-week session and am having a great time you should join me wednesday evenings.

And Wacky Northwest mama's jsut had our 5th gathering at Xtina's and we reinvented tee's. Of course and as always Xtal & Diana did a great job on their projects! I Love doing wacky mama's it is great grrrl fun! It seems to consistantly be the same five which works out fine but if you wanna join us you are more than welcome! Just be ready to craft and chat with us!

June 7-10th
Miss Oblivious will be photographing/documenting "Noise for the Needy" a three-day Seattle based organization(youth with AIDS) if you'd like to know more or volunteer then click here

I am hoping to have Cap'n Oblivious join me acoustically at my next show!

Okay here is the doosy Miss Oblivious really misses performing and is starting a new band for the first time in 4 - years! It will be called "Ill Fame Dolls" and am hoping to get some bandmates soon so I can be ready for some summer performances! I have already wrote a few songs and am excited!
So lemme know if any of you are interested!
And if all goes right I will soon start hosting a monthly night at The Rejndevouz in Bell town.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Tentacle Sawfish and The Can Can Club

Tenacled sawfish and the can can club
..>..>..>..> ..>
thankyou can can for a dlightful night! I am sure to return
shortly, it was high noon before an eye was winked!! ouch!!!

so I anticipated this night and returned early from my canadian trip! I was honored to be asked to join these charactors at The can Can to show my dolls and to witness this esquisite experience!
Armitage Shanks contacted me 2 weeks prior about possibally having a doll exhibit and I thought ahh sure I have a month i will make some clever lil tenacled sawfish and a doll of his likeness.... well a week later I heard from him and it was actually Feb 17th not march 17th!
So I started stitching and cutting!
I arrived a bit early and was escorted into the Can Can by Kyle(the manager/owner?) I set my table up and shortly realised that I had NO ATM card!! Ouch! well I had $11.00 to hold me over til Xtina would be meeting up with me! So I sipped down a pint as to make it last as long as possible!
An angelic young lady walked up to my display and bought a dolly!
To my surprise Ken Lee an ol pal showed up to keep me company! He was kind enough to buy me a drink!
The show was about to begin and they grabbed an audiance member whom looked as if she was clelebrating her day of birth! A silly strip tease by two young gentelmen!
With the red lighting and moulin painted walls, you were sure to be in a mystical mood!
Tentacled sawfish appeared and I was able to show Armitage his Paynecreation I feel he was very pleased with what I had made! I met the other members that complete this ensamble!
Ann Atomic took the stage in her breathtaking physique and naughty demeanor! She Gave us a classy burlesque tease!
Magic was lined up next by Seattle's own Scotty! Which brought the lovely Valerie seamstress and jewlery designer of the bizarre out for this occasion! Card tricks and mishaps filled the room!
It was time for the almighty "Tentacled sawfish", four men whom play anything from the washboard to musical saw. Accordians and ol' world sounds filled the air! I was in sure heaven! I had found my people where I belong and yes, you may recall my bliss at the Undisclosed , and yes it can surely compare to this and more!
Disinegrating dolls and toys filled the drum kit! A fancy boy and girl holding brass horns took a vacancy on the side and , joined in about half way through the set! Including a vocal contribution from the sassy blonde horn player!
Yes the sound and facial expressions from front-man Drew resembled Tom Waites being tied to a trintrack by the devil! Brilliant in otherwords!
Piano man smoothly moved on to a vintage accordian and delighted us residing next to the stand up bass fink with decor' of rubber sea creatures and toys to help him in his crime!...
I sat afoot to capture any magic in my digital device, TS took a brief intermission and I wandered into the alley to stumble upon the brass marchers warming up.. Could the night get better?
Well as TS re-enetered the ralm, frontman Drew grasped onto a shark jaw and clinked and clanked to make unique sounds come to life only reaffirming the feel of the underbelly with the atrraction of a snake charmer under the sea.
Did I mention we were literally underground, above us the 100+ year-old sidewalks and buildings as our shelter in the emerald city. It was clever, it was dark and it was throbbing.
As soon as they had finished their mistique Shanks bought Miss O a nice tall ale and the marching band pranced in as soilders of the dustbowl.
My gal of the night was ready to prance onto the next event and I was not sure that I'd ever wanted to depart this atmosphere, but agreed to join her. I knew deep in my "Ill fame harlot" mind(the name of my new band, wanna be init?),that this was only the begining of a new chapter in the "underground Mishaps of one MIss Oblivious"

Monday, January 29, 2007

From the south of North

A complimentary message from the south of north Current mood: cranky Category: Writing and Poetry
You know some daze I honestly feel like "what am I doing" especially since my move and even my closest friends haven't really kept in contact with me, I may get a phone call from them every couple monthes, which made me a little sad latley. I was mailing out at least 20 letters/packages/postcards a week when I first arrived! Whom has returned any sort of contact? let's see.. Roxy n' Lulu(Floating Corpses), Jai, Val( i never even sent her one and she took intitive!), Keith M, Alice B, Karyn Ford,Greg,Xtian, Annette, Dame Darcy(a thank you card for sending her stuff)Ritchie Flame and Gregory are the only ones that sent or replied anything in Return!!Computers are conveinant and I love 'em but a physical piece of mail is so much more personal and don't forget exciting! I hate the whole excuse of "oh I ma not a mail person" blah blah blah.. it takes less than 5 minutes to send a thought in through the mail. and damn it only costs 39........anyway
Then I open an email the other day and got this and get that warm feeling of effecting SOMEBODY!!

Hello Cheyanne, You probably don't remember me, so let me Introduce myself. The name is Rick L, born, and raised in Morgan Hill, you are probably familiar with my cousins Jon, and Paul(L), but none of that is important. Let me tell you what is, or what you did for me, I'll take you back 6 years. You see on my first ever date with my wife, things weren't going well, actually it started off pretty horrid. That is until we decided to go to Katie Blooms to re-group, it was dead, Amy Palazollo(sp?) was behind the Bar, and it was just you, and her. You asked what we were up to, and we explained that it was our first date, you replied with something I don't remember, and we described our misfortune. Then you did something that chaged everything, you replied "We got to do something about that" and with that you ordered 4 German Chocalate Cake shots, The 4 of us raised those shots in the air, and then knocked them back. We kicked it for a little while, and then we parted ways, the rest of the night was amazing, probably the BEST FIRST DATE of my life. It was all your doing, and both Beth and me have never forgot it, so I say to you, MISS O, THANK YOU!!! You might of thought it was nothing special, but it changed everything for us, and we are Thankful to say the least. Also your dolls are FUCKING INSANE, I would love to purchase for Beth as a reminder of that Fateful night, can I order directly from you??? Please let me Know, Beth would cherish it, just like she cherishes the night the 4 of us shared at Katies. Thanks Again, Rick L