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Thursday, January 28, 2010

an image of shimmer

The night before...


Part 1
He had helped me clean up the glass from the night before, that morning seemed so crisp. The sun was bright for it being as early as it was. The stale stench from dancing, booze and closeness filled the air.
He mummbled something and I replied with a grunt. Hoping this would be as much communication passed for now, we had met a few years back, and had alot of the same friends but didn't really know each other. I don't count going to a crowded show with too much to drink an intimate engagement. Maybe a more than often passtime but not much more than that!
Last night was a little different though. We had both coincidentally ended up at the same bar, Again!
This time we actually sat and talked. Both of us only pausing for a slug off a pint or shot, to take a piss or shout the words to a song playing on the jukebox, "neat neat neat" we played it a few times.
I decided to invite a few pals back to my place for a nitecap and what not. One thing led to another and we were locked lips and next thing I remember he was waking me up surrounded by the chaos of a late nite drinking session. My hands were shaking so I went and grabbed a glass of water and aspirin, he was one of those types that grabbed another can of PBR to dismiss his tremors.
I liked the way he smelled, almost comforting, yet ...
We made quick eye contact a few times, but you know it's always weird the morning after especially if you've "kinda" been friends. If its someone you just met, then whatever, but when its this guy you "kinda" always thought was cute and funny then eye contact can be intimidating after a romp.
It seemed I had pulled one of my "oh lets break glass" nights! When I drink alot I acquire this desire to break glass, I claim" it makes me feel good" this time it was about a case of rolling rock bottles and the vodka we polished off. Shards in the bathtub of all places! GReat!
He seemed to be smitten with my outragous behavoir so I felt a bit proud since I knew he was hard to impress.

TummyAche"the trashiest prom nite ever!