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Monday, December 29, 2008

new aqcuaintances

Auset Gypsy
Upon arrival from my summer getaway to California was the second Yacht party of Eastlake. I had just sourly departed ways from a close friend and collaborator & was in dire need to have my spirits lifted! Dopp had called and insisted I take a cruise around the sound with my Cancan fam. My mourning stage had literally just begun so my first response was I am not feeling well and would have to pass. Yet he said we set sail at 8 p.m. sharp “BE THERE”. He had also mentioned that a lovely gentleman by the name Auset Gypsy (James) from the east coast would be joining them and I really needed to meet him! James designs his own tarot deck each year by hand, has his own astrology radio show and so on & on.
My husband arrived home around 7:15 and I told him the yacht party was tonight but I was staying in and he said” what” you really need to get out of the house!!!! So in my mind a trigger was pulled and Miss O mode was back! Yeah! How in the hell could I miss this? I need a night at sea with some of my closest Seattle peers and fam.
So I dazzled my eyelids, dressed to impress and headed for the high seas! Well the sound at least! It was with no regret and I did meet a divine creature (Auset Gypsy). We became very acquainted and were able to hangout throughout his weeklong NW stay1 We have kept in contact and in hopes of a future move that involves him living in our emerald city which would result in a gem of a time! Please go check out all his cool candles, tarot and astrology online

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