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Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you know what its like?

Wednesday September 28th, 2011 I embarked on my ninth trip in three years to New Orleans.
I wonder as I step onto the plane each time what this city will reveal to me. Each day spent in the Crescent City fuels my passion for its crooked houses, humid air and late night living.

This year would also be the second annual "Carnival of Saints and Souls doll Show".

Also I had a co-pilot J9 Fierce(plus her dance troupe TRIPTYCH).
It would be J9's first visit and I was anxious to show her a handful of what this city has to offer (14 bars the first night)!
I imagine it will take a lifetime to discover NOLA in its entirety
(if thats possible).

My best friend in the whole wide world has unveiled the cities teasing luxury -both seedy and classy to me on each adventurous visit. She has resided here since 1995 and is a seasoned character.

Another 'ol pal and psychedelic family member/Queen Bitch settled in the summer of 2010 from California.

Some of my soul-mates for the last 15-20 years.
Plus the many enduring spirits that I have bonded with :within my last three years worth of visits....

The Mudlark gals stole my heart and are guarding it inside their palace.

My dolly sisters and I stumbled down the sunny Vieux , eating and bonding!
Each visit consists of encounters with new friends that are "pure darlings" and hospitable. Like only the southern pride themselves in.
My heart aches, it longs to awake every morning next to the smoke filled bar rooms, dueling oaks, swamps and a Triangle in the Marigny.

I hold my breath and make that wish on a daily basis!

I thought I had beat the tears, yet 2 hours prior to take-off as I stepped out onto St.Anne at Chartres I touched the wrought iron, smelled the beignet's,heard the horns of vagabonds -the salty water streamed down my cheek for I knew it was time to part:
as if it were the best lover I had leave.....til next time my passionate,romantic,dark,wicked,breathtaking city...xoxoxo

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