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Monday, September 14, 2009

I will never be the same...Never!

My heart is heavy and soul is sometimes a bit crushed! Lethargy has weasled her way back into my patterns!
Insomnia come and goes!
I spent the last 5 days in California for my one of my closest friends on the planet! I had a superb time! I will leave out the not-so-good happenings as if i brought them up it would make me look well I feel stuck sometimes! I want to make the best decisions! Yet I have a heart of an artist and am a romantic til death!
Yet some tradtional occurances I have formed, keep me leading a very unbreakable habit!
Make any sense? well it doesn't have to because I am confused as my emotions run rampid through my veins and eyes and HEART!
Did I mention my heart is very heavy? Well it is!
I remember when it was light and it smiled and had joy from a companion in it!

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