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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kooks guts n show n tale

Hello Readers pals n' fiends Summer 2013 So much has occured in the past 90 days, i have healed, moved on and ripped my heart into shreds so that i may remain numb........... or at least til the autumn arrives. I have fallen in love in Austin Texas or with Austin or shall we call it a crush? I spent more time in NOLA my number one lover of all time, where i can breath, where i can live in complete obscurtiy, The Witches Titties went on a lil West Coast Tour. The biggest and hardest decision I have ever made was to leave my fleshy lover Pops after 14 years of a voyage that went sour... Noone else may ever love me again like he did, I feel we both lost respect for one another, we lived inside the dream of our first 10 years as a duo, as those lovers that others envy, inside jokes, tolerating my irrational manic whims, the rollercoaster known as Kook, i was asked years ago to back away and stop with all the over stimulated attention but i feel like a failure in the end. Nothing lasts forever i guess... I have such a blessed life i make $ from my art and have a job that pays me to tell others about death and history and sex of our city. My children are outrageous and beautiful creatures, i have the most compassionate friends that are family across the country.... i mean really really supportive and they shower me with power daily. I want to thank the man i left for loving me like no other man has....... I have moved into Kooks Tower above The Pierces and wonder what and where i will discover in the months to follow.......... wish me luck and no more tears unless they are of passion

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