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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dirt Mounds,Molasses & plastick

November 2013 Kook Teflon I have friends that are family, new friends that are becoming very important to me! I have lived in the tower this last season a perfect transition for me and my children, in five days i am moving into the Witch Haus.The new chapter of my newest novella in KookLand is not like any of the other chapters and it can change at any moment. Halloween Week was one of my best.I spent it with new creatures that inspire me. i am also curating doll shows with up to 20 artitst's. Next one will be in New Orleans at Green Eyed Gator December 7,2013 and The Witches Titties have played a few shows these last few monthes with some amazing creatures!!!!! i was laid off from Ghost Tours so lets hope this is all part of the new path i am being lead down. More photoshoots, more dolls, more adventure......
Vinsantos modeling Kookland

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