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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My mother and I in 1977

THis is my mother and I shortly after she left my father, we had hitchhiked from Ventura Calif to Morgan Hill,Ca which is were we stopped to visit my grandparents and never left. We originally were headed for Alaska.

My mom's nickname by all her close friends was "Witchy" which I spoke of in the blog below with Courtney. I wanted to post this picture so you could see what I was speaking of.

My mother still does her mascara this thick, I have no idea really how she gets it so thick, but its her thing. The dress she is wearing in this picture was beautiful , white floor length princess cut mother is 5'11 and she always wore the highest clog wedges with brown leather, and maybe butterfly etched in, which made her 6 feet.

It wasn't til I was 14 that it was revealed to me that grandfather practiced withcraft and wiccan traditions which i don't think most of my family even knows to this day, his secret library and stash of tools were found by my mother after he had passed away.

HE was also an astounding photographer and addict of capturing every moment on film either by static or stills, i have pictures he took at a village in South Africa...another trait i picked up ....also I just acquired every letter he wrote to my grandmother while abroad and traveling from 1930-1970's, I had no idea he to loved New Orleans and spent alot of time there as well! His family actually arrived in NOLA from Ireland in 1790. Not a good time to be in NOLA as an Irishman i can imagine.
Here is a photo of my grandfather...
Benjamin Franklin Jenkins

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