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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

is there anything to look forward to? will my dream come true?

the tunnel, its in a distance!
i wanna be excited about something, i wanna be that happy girl i once knew, the one everybody would comment on , asking if i ever had a bad day?
i'd reply with "can't remember having one".
i hate being debbie downer it sucks!
my other half really isn't helping and may be the source, why?!
Puts me on a pedastool then knocks me right off of it when im not looking!
he can be great then i guess the connection was lost somewhere along the way!
i thought we were back on track until this week our patterns started up again,
i will be fine!
I just need a spark! inspiration! i feel things are stale around me!
its hard when your partner seems to rebel against your interest, he denys it but thats what he does!
please sunshine return to my innards!

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