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Monday, March 21, 2011

"TransCentric" Art Exhibit curated by Kook Teflon in honor of Greer Lankton display gala July 8th in Los Angeles

photo of: Squeaky Blonde
by: Austin Young

(Dollmaker,zine queen & photographer)
Kook has some splendorous schemes up her knickers...

Recollecting about many of the prominent figures in her life, Kook realized the influences of her drag/trans idols and peers seem to be outcasts from the mass typical drag/queer/trans community.
Each one re-inventing self-expression and becoming leaders in the art society
world wide through music,film and make-up artistry...

Such as:

*lEIGH Bowery
*Boy George
*Jayne County
*Phatima Rude(SF)
*Peaches Christ
*Squeaky Blonde
*Greer Lankton
*Jackie Beat
*Ginger Coyote
*Claude Cahun
(to name a few)

Kook was hit with the thought to pay HOMOage to them and curate a show inspired by their disguises,persona's and transitions from ordinary to extraordinary.
Another element of inspiration was the upcoming "Greer Lankton" exhibit occurring the following day on:

Friday July 9th in Hollywood:
ONE archive Gallery Museum (626 N Robertson Blvd).

Greer (1958-1996) was a portrait dollmaker and trans-gender punk artist. Her portrait dolls reflected such warholian stars as Candy Darling, anorexia beauties and obese side-show esque females.

Kook hand-picked some of her favorite artist to participate in this installation which will take place in L.A's bohemian neighborhood "Silverlake":

Friday July 8th
MonkeyHouse Gallery
2874 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Featured art in
doll-form,paint,canvas,photography and mosaic tiles by:

Tennessee Loveless

Austin Young

Jer Ber Jones

Adam Ansell

Sheri DeBow

Kook Teflon (Miss Oblivious)

Lee Kyle


Squeaky Blonde

with a live performance by Seattles notorious
Jackie Hell

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