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Monday, July 26, 2010

Female Fronted Oakland California

I am very excited to announce the location for Oaklands FEMALE FRONTED show presented by me MissOblivious and Jack SHit.
Jack is a friend i had made before i moved to Washington state. HE was in one of my favorite SF bands..Wealthy WHore Entertainment. HE now has his own radio show and a music project titled HAppy Amputee

Female Fronted is my attempt to have more people see and experience music that I love performed by some of my peers and that are female,gender bending , queer enthused performances~!

THe OAkland show will take place at First Church Of Buzzard...and will have performances by six different acts! It will start early so DON"T BE FASHIONABLY LATE or you might just miss out on some magic!!!!

plus the two other bands...they have no links that is how exclusive,reclusive they are so come check em out....

MIss Oblivious and Jack SHit LOVE all the performers and bands and really just want to do this show to bring some magic together!!

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