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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Female Fronted...

Hello everyone,
I am currently producing a group of shows this summer that are female fronted, gender bending and queer enthused events. I have been feeling nostalgic since last summer of my early years in the bay area. Going to see allgirl bands, penpal'ing with the Queen o' queer zines n' film GB Jones, marching in the Mission SF with topless a army of females!living with trannies... witnessing night after night of ladies like Tribe 8, stone fox, bikini kill, lunachicks,raggedy anne, 7-year-bitch, Linda Perry, babes in toyland, courtney and so many others that empowered me as a 20 something year old. Being in front of these womyn while they belted out their angst helped me identified with them and didn't feel so alone anymore.
I watched them do it, and it gave me the power to do it.
Reading their zines: their history an open book, fucked up youth, battered childhoods, missing fathers or daddies that touched to much. It made you feel like you could conquer anything that ever tried to get in your way!
I have continued to publish zines since 1994 and reveal less and less as I have grown older. I was told in the past by my readers and peers that they liked my honesty and brutal truth. Well its time to rekindle that part of the puzzle.

I will let it go, but anyway...

Please come support all these performances that are occurring in SF, Seattle, San Jose, Sacto,and Oakland.

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