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Saturday, December 25, 2010

my eyes shall bleed here is my other forcast on love and more heartache

special relationship which celebrates one's growth as a woman. Creativity which manifests as physical product, whether that be children, artistic endeavors, or wealth.

Great energy that flows unbounded. Beginning of a focused, creative period. Inspiration that inspires action. New opportunities. The active, or yang, aspect of life. Growth.

Movement into the next phase of life. If you are feeling impatient, don't worry--transitions will go smoothly, as if you are being pulled by the twin forces of fate and fortune. Career advancement.

An interest in spiritual knowledge. A teacher who will share with you what you are seeking, or perhaps you are that teacher. Wisdom gained in a graceful manner.

A renewed awareness of the nature of passionate love, and what is needed to encourage it. Artistic creativity. Sexuality. The integration within oneself of the masculine and feminine.

Worries that keep one awake. An issue that needs to be looked at more closely; only then will it be transformed. Fear or nagging anxiety.

Success, good fortune,creativity. All is well with the world; your highest hopes are supported by the universe. Any feelings of insecurity and unworthiness are to be banished from your thoughts. Follow your dreams without fear or censure.

Great satisfaction. Contentment. Some consider this card the wish card -- meaning a wish will be granted if this card appears in a spread. Earthly delights

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