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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miss O's Holiday massacre tour is finished...

First of all I want to thank everyone that made it to the shows!it means alot to me ! I want to thank all the persons that helped and co-produced,housed,hosted,cooked and supported these shows!
JAck Shit, Dog Swan, Kent Kates,Richie Flame!

Each show was very special and i like to think very different from the others, from cabaret trash,gutter glamor,glittery bunny bottoms to raw ear candy!

The new project i am involved with debut in Sf and OAkland, we had a great response..People drove far to perform and I had my first art show "in" OAkland, which it happened to be the first night of heavy rain so attendance was low but we had a blast none the less!

GO magazine launched at Salon Du Troll a super groovy mag by Ruby RAy and Dog Swan.

The new year is about to begin and i am re-directing energy and will conduct some magic to help guide me into 2011.

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