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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Magick will makethe dreams a reality for me and for you

Sooooo, here I am the end of another year and damn the new year is 2011, how in the world is it 2011?
I just finished 4 shows in California, for some reason no matter how great everything is I become depressed at the end of these events,
I will hold a NYE gathering at my home and once again we will all dance under the moon indulge in mango curry with our champagne, burning our wishes into the midnight wind.
I feel un-satisfied with my position right now and hope that this will help,
I feel like giving up on all my projects and art and becoming a seaside recluse,
yet that would most likely only make me feel worse it is a fantasy of mine...

the power of the eclipse on Dec 20th was astounding and filled me with such ideas that i closed my eyes tight to make wishes!
this year I'd like to take my self and art and friends to places we all haven't been yet!
my heart yearns to experience soil that i have yet to step foot upon....
will this cure my emptiness?
will it inspire my aura?
will i ever be a complete being?
i have strong wishes, fantasies,dreams,desires,wants,needs,that I hope to fulfill...

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