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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Shanghaied Geisha

The Shanghaied Geisha Dolls, photography, art & zines by: Miss Oblivious It is an old tale, perhaps embellished by the Malayan fishermen who so often recite it. It is a tale from a generation long gone, from a place the sea has long swallowed. It began long before recorded history, upon a rocky outcrop known among seafarers as the most celebrated Sake House within the Japan Sea. It was this setting, perhaps, that was the motivation for a ship full of voracious bootlegging opium traders to beguile, with the aid of their very trade, those most beautiful of hosts upon their ships. It is said that when the haze of the dragon cleared, the captors and their prisoners each began a new life. The loathing pirates at the bottom of the ocean and those Shanghaied Geisha, with their timeless beauty now peppered with the salt of the seven seas, eternally embracing the life of their former captors. Friday December 22,2006 Show starts at 8 p.m. sharp-Midnight The Balazo 18 Gallery 2183 Mission st SF (415) 255-7227 $3.00 21 & over Catering by: Lionheart Entertainment from: Cap’n Oblivious, Ari Shine (LA), The Stars Misplaced,Franklin Ex(LA), The Floating Corpses, Evolution Rainbow (SF) Movie Short Premiere of Shackgirl by: Dogswan Zine readings throughout the night from Miss Oblivious " Please click the link below to approve or deny this comment.

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