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Friday, December 29, 2006

Dame Darcy
Death by Doll tour
Fall 2006

“Dame Darcy is coming, Dame Darcy is coming”. “All hail our leader of mischievous fairy tales and creator of all
Great creations ”Film, dolls,
Crafting, comics, fashion just to name a few of this
Witches trade.
The northwest would be blessed with her majesties presence.
Yet only as far as Portland, so I quickly wrote her asking, begging and pleading for Death By Doll (DBD), to come just a lil further north and play their magical melodies.
Also, the Dame would be including a book tour of her illustrated version of “Jane Eyre”, so much to see, so little time…
DD then asked me to call her so we can discuss arrangements, after dialing the digits I discovered that her drummer Christopher resides here in Seattle and also plays in ARKADE, I was able to book some extra signings along the way at literary houses, and a warm place for her to lay her pretty head if need be!
Though I ran outta energy to attend the Portland appearance, I was not going to miss the night in Olympia. As usual I can count on Xtina to be my co-pilot.
We arrived early and Christopher (DBD drummer) offered icy PBR, and accompanied us in the dark back ghost bar.
A boy was playing his electric distorted guitar in great northwest fashion, a circle of folks circled around him Indian style on the floor.

Then DD arrived and complimented my hairstyle, in which I informed her that it was my “George Washington Do”, we laughed and then went about our way, (she wrote about this in her journals online), (even said I am beautiful),
(Yes I am blushing),
A puppet show was next and we somehow missed it completely. Xtina and I are great
at talking.
a ghostly christopher on horn

DBD was setting up and damn they were hot, electrical, out-of-this-world dreamy. DD performs and prances as a Meat Cake star. Her wailing, faint screaming and angelic harmony melted my aura.
It was over before you knew it and we chatted, giggled and traded tales of road tragedies and heroic mishaps.

Joey Casio took stage and he is by far “hubba hubba” of the month around here! Electric stamina, great hair /attire and boy can he dance! Jumping in the crowd, tweaking knobs on his gadgets and making the young studs shriek. I told DD he is a sure fire MeatCake hero if I ever saw one.
The night in Olympia ended with naked twister by the puppeteer from earlier in the night. Xtina was designated spinner!
olympia crush
DD decided to lay her pretty head at Christopher’s in which I promised her my wee ones would be disappointed, they had been so thrilled to have DD at their home. But my children would get to meet her at the book signing on Capitol Hill the next afternoon.
Arriving in the middle of her discussion at Coe Books, I was impressed with all this woman has to say, the way she lives, thinks and breathes. Dame Darcy is a strong feminist/environmentalists Wiccan, whom is educated on the rhymes and reasons behind her cause.
Darby Jane absorbed every word that DD spoke.
When the discussion was finished, Darby Jane eagerly gave DD a drawing she had made for and a suffer gate doll of Dolly Madison. SailorHank had a Meatcake signed and we then whisked away to Nikel & Jenines.
The Comet was on the agenda for DBD that night and I tried to get every person I know in Seattle to witness the sheer genius behind the unicorn inspired lyrical fairy.
ARKADE opened which most knows is Miss O’s favorite NW band.
Pure heaven, Kelli is really really really gorgeous! There are some people you meet and feel a natural attraction to their being, and Kelli is one of them for me. She sings, plays guitar and writes the music in ARKADE.

Miss O n Kelli
Nikki Sugar is also a sweet soul (keys/synth), and then Christopher (drums) a musical genius with an attractive presence. Their music reminds me when you are daydreaming and deep in the daydream you realize you’ve been driving your automobile for miles and don’t remember, it’s that state of in between. And they are not that sissy pop dreamy nonsense, they are more of that “ I woke up in the bathroom stall” dreamy.
dame darcy n ChristopherOn with DBD, this performance out shined the prior night in Olympia. It was the last night of a 90-day tour. I had one of my best nights in Seattle since the big move; Darlene was there Steve B, Danielle and of course Xtina!

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