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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ginger coyote makes my heart go boom...... Category: Dreams and the Supernatural
Ginger Coyote stole my youth without knowledgethe
echo of her voice rang through the Cactus stalls
I wiped and ran and was caught in her web
there she was so graceful, so posh
I must've turned red
surrounded by sleazy, meaty , raunchy broads
hey just like me,
I could not pry myself from the beer bathed stage,
though I was hardly of age
she grabbed me and pulled me to dance with them too
I embraced that encounter
decades have passed,
i hear of the queen of punk
she will be back in our streets
our hearts will go boom
black eyeliner and tights
the blush will be rouge
she shall arrive,
in chariot with young boys, she calls toys,
bring me a cocktail and let's make a mess...
to once more bring back thee image again....miss oblivious 2006

1 comment:

satonya said...

dang, that's some good writing Miss O! i'm diggin' it.
i'm gonna look for more o' yr poems to read, right now!
<3, satonya