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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A garden of ROT

a garden of rot,this and that Current mood: frustrated
yes that's how I feel at times
dried,wet and rotting. when you entered my life you were so impressed: with the this and the that, That I did, the that, that I said!
The things I stood for made you love me , now we hollar, because I am so this and you are so that
stating how things are lame and so uniform,so boring and peaceful,you say this and I have to say that, "to just be opposite". Rebeling was sexy when it wasn't against me, against us and who we are.
With dozens of offspring and responsibilites so conformed.I wail my fist in the air, you raise your voice.I love you 'til the end and as gramps always said "this to shall pass with time"......our love everlasting it's hard at times with me being me & you being you......