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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vacant Churches,Moira Scar,Agness Twin Female Front SJ

(photo of Angie n Miss O by: Ian Healy)the rest on this blog are captured by Miss Oblivious

This was my homecoming. I lived in downtown San Jose from 1991-2006. I have gone back n fourth with a love hate for my home. As any old timer claims "it ain't like it used to be" but with a city with over a million in population you'd think that there'd be alot more dives & decrepit hangouts..but really you only have about 5 options which is the beauty and the beast for my home!
Some of my dearest and most cherished times happened on these streets!My children were born downtown, i was a young n ballistic character that roamed the bars under age,i hung out with DeeDee Ramone twice(+ he told me i was the prettiest girl in town),I romanced with speed for weeks at a time in those small humid practice spaces called the Rock Garden, saw Diesel Queens change the entire scent of a room...anyhoots...I insisted i have one of my Female Fronts at Johnny V's an old haunt of mine.
The only issue with it was that everyone failed to mention that it turned into a dump, I don't wanna rag to much on the place cause an ol schoolmate of mine owns it, but he has obviously been outta town or somethin, cause I do not recall his venues ever being so run down.
I booked three of my fave bands!! Agness Twin, Moira Scar and Vacant Churches.
I hired dj's yet to find out an hour before showtime that all the dj equipment was broken, the toilets had poop on 'em,i was still optimistic! Yet one occurrence after another finally made me realize it was FRIDAY THE i knew our luck would have to change! Becki showed up early with me to set up merch,sound-check and what not... It was soooo good to see Aaron n Mel, and all my other DT family..I felt loved and supported! Even Corey O' Brien showed up!~
Before the music started Vacant Churches went upstairs for an Oblivious Image shoot...
Soon after AGness Twin started and began our magical journey......
more and more ol pals piled in to this wooden structure, the bar ran out of beer and had to send a patron to the corner store for more....while Moira Scar set up i swigged a few Ales and felt the night really begin....I danced and danced...i snapped pics, recorded and hugged so many fancy faces!
Oh Moira you really enhance my inebriated journey's....
the drink tickets for performers were Chucky. e. cheese game tickets, in which there were only about 6 to go around for the dozen band-members, we just rotated em to the tender behind the mahogany counter...

This was my first Vacant Churches show since my big move, my anticipation was immense..they are truly one of the best bands i have ever known..there is anger,truth and beauty in Melody's lyrics..not a lot of woman have guts like Melody and it is something i admire tremendously in her!
she isn't scarred of facing anything..a true warrior!
She is also married to one of my close pals Aaron in which they created Vacant Churches together!

The temperature & atmosphere of the room changed into a whirlwind of chaotic bliss when Vacant Churches struck their first chord, hit the drum and pounded the sounds of the organ....the room was upside down,inside out and could have parted the red sea.......
a full bottle of Miller Highlife struck my temple and at the instant i knew I was home, i was were i belonged and just kept dancing....nothing could tear me away from this epic reunion....thank you San JOse, thank you Johnny V's....

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