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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My passion "Americana Haunting s"

Since I can remember I have been surrounded by unexplained supernatural experiences, heard stories that involved me as a child, also been extremely motivated and inspired by haunted situations from Poe to Rozz Williams to Victorian era rituals.

(Me and my mommy her nickname was "Witchy")

When everybody at my school in 1988 was dressing in Espirit and Guess Jeans I was embracing my inner witch, when other 14 year old girls were bonding with their mothers bowling, lunching or selling AVON , my mother and I were attending Psychic Fairs, past life circles, flea markets(for antiqued attire) and studying books from my grandfathers witchcraft library. So this is not a trend, fashion statement or phase for me it is truly a way of life.

(My Christmas Ball 1988)

Yes I do come from many generations of spiritual practitioners, my mother conducted "lil Tupperware type" parties, instead of plastic containers these gatherings were filled with tarot and dream analysis. I learned from a young age how powerful intention can be. And have always respected my ancestors.And am passionate about people treating others and your surroundings with kindness and sincerity.

As i reached my 20's I lived in very active homes, experiences that most of my guests , roommates or lovers could not explain.

Right before my 33rd birthday I moved from California into the Pacific NW.This is when i realized the electricity and importance of my past. I had the realization that it was time to share my research, passion and knowledge with my peers and the community! Our family road trips are always filled with cemetery visits and antique malls.
Through my dolls i feel that spirits and energy flows through my creativity. Telling the history of people in dollform, I also hosted a live show at The Rendezvous as " a mourning victorian" teaching the audience the rituals and the honoring of loved one that passed on, I also was one of the founders of "The Mourning Market" I produced a TV show "Ill Famed Spirits" with a local psychic , i also travel and research the history of the south. I love Americana Hauntings, folklore and photographs....

My most current en devour is my dream job as a tour guide with Market Ghost Tours! History,ghosts and talking!!! I am good at all 3 of these! I am also a certified paranormal investigator and a member of AGHOST...... I wanted to post some photos that were captured on my tour last month, after 6 monthes and over a 100 tours under my belt this was thee most active week thus far!! Here are the images tell me what u think?

Also if you are in Seattle and would like to take a tour with KOOK here is the link

(this photo was taken on my Friday Feb 3rd tour ) in the window of the empty pre-school--------------

(these photos were taken Saturday Feb 4th, 2012 consecutively all four in under a minute)in the same window at the empty pre-school

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