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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kook's hand stitched dolls of 2011

Here are photos of all my handstitched dollys I made in 2011. The base of all dolls are made of new cotton fabrics occasionally of new flat felt, the accesories and clothing are 95% vintage, deconstructed clothing, antique lace and mardi gras trim from costumes found in the french quarter. Also I would like my collectors to know that I place a eucalyptus nut from 19th century trees planted in the San Francisco estate of former New Orleans resident, voodoo preistess and civil rights advocate, Mary Ellen Pleasant, in most of my dolls. If you would like to commision me or adopt a dolly fictional or non- fictional you can do so through my ETSY shop

Enjoy, be a dreamer and never grow up.......

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