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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

other pulchritudinous retrievals that were in order for this next chapter

Meditating with
Bhakti Baby (Lady Krishna)
Plus some other pulchritudinous retrievals that were in order for this next chapter.
By: Kook Teflon
From my recollection the time Miss O had felt she was ready to vacate had began in the summer of 2010. Female Front had fulfilled her desires and she had been depicted in the highest honor thus far on her journey. A cherished soul had taken time to make a drawing of Miss Oblivious as Hecate’ (goddess of all witches & protector of outcasts), which was soon inked onto her shoulders as to “watch her back * heart*path”, Miss O stated she was tired and needed solitude, she had done all she could on this course. I was fine with that, the zine had completed issue 40 on this tour, the obstacle was “who would/could/should take her place? These are big bloomers to fill.
Along the trail Kook n’ Grace entered the story while Miss O was in New Orleans in October.( Next step?) When would the flux take place? In my experience it is not wise to plan ahead with these types of transitions.
Teflon filled the air and the oracle set in place Kook Teflon was ready to be …to be what had been prior yet never before,
a mature episode of chaos, ruffling feathers, truth, lavender and grace.
Unexpected! Wednesday February 23rd, while in SF after ingesting molded enhancements, Miss O sat in the midst of a horn, upright bass, duo gender vocals and a goddess of thunder on drums, in a space off of Howard with the accompaniment of a cherished chum, Miss O realized it will never get better than this for her…through Hecate’ I felt a thousand tingles as she left, guided by the “Queen of the Night” herself and Kook jumped right in! Kook cannot believe what a chimera she is about to live and be a part of!
Kook couldn’t attend Mardi Gras this year, as luck would have it a date with Lady Krishna was the next best thing. They’re first date on the morning of Fat Tuesday sipping hand picked perk (espresso), and strolling around.
The following Tuesday would be their next rendezvous, the agenda to do portraits of one another. Kook had a bad case of the flu 6 days prior and felt disembodied, ears plugged sinus a mess.
Lady Krishna suggested that she & Kook meditate prior to their captures in art form. Immediately after the holy ash was gently placed on Kooks third eye her sinus’s cleared and 30 minutes of sitting face to face, east - west Kook was rejuvenated and ready to conquer her path with all the wonderful clarity.
Thank you Bhaki Baby…..

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