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Saturday, April 30, 2011

the epic dreams of GUM dolls in New Orleans May 6th at Deity

"Juicy Fruit"

I had a continuous dream the week of February 14,2011. It entailed century old secrets from William Wrigley Jr. founder of the infamous gum corporation.

The dreams lasted for three nights, each one in hearty detail of how Mr.Wrigley titled his empire of chewing gum names.

Juicy Fruit

Double Mint

Big Red

The first night featured his treasure "Juicy Fruit", he informed me that he spent every October in the french quarter and fell head over heels for "Juicy Fruit", she worked in a tea house with the others....Juicy Fruit is what her late night patrons called her,the den was tucked away in a basement around 732 Toulouse .next to the French Opera House.

William and Juicy Fruit had a deep love for one another, yet she had refused to live in Chicago, so they were never able to spend more than a few weeks together.She always told him "I was born here, I'll die here" speaking of the French Quarter, supposedly the farthest she had ever ventured was City Park at the end of the dueling oaks. Juicy Fruit also was in charge at the Tea-House which a very generous lover had given her when he passed away in 1892. Her sister Abbie Reed was furious and they never spoke again.Abbie was told by this lover on Basin street she would inherit the property, yet the paperwork claimed Juicy Fruit as the inheritor of such said property at 732.

Though he was spiritually forced to move on, the "Double-mint Twins" (or the DM Twins)caught his fancy next, those two (Siamese twins) could party for days on end, their hair was always an emerald green which they claimed was from their secret color enhancements found in moss only available in the Louisiana Swamps.The two were always sipping on mint julep's which gave their breath a minty essence, plus they were always in minty colored attire and giggled through any conversation.

Big Red was an infatuation for Mr.Wrigley they would chat for hours and have one Pimms Cup after another. She had claimed to help him with the key elements for his everlasting flavor ingredient in the GUM recipe. She always wore Red and White, to match the interior of the great elliptical auditorium in the French Opera House next door, which she was lucky, one of her admirers "Humphrey" would take Big Red to every opening night and purchase her a new blood red velvet gown adorned with pearls.

Big Red was born a hermaphrodite,her parents were European gypsy's and felt like she was thee golden child. They had come to New Orleans when Big Red was 14, they were both taken by yellow fever in 1905.Big Red was never the same after that.

to be con't

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