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Monday, March 12, 2012

Donations for art sales by Kook

I wanted to blog about my decision on donating to a cause with part of my art earnings which isn't a whole lot ( $25-50 )a month, to be honest I am sooo weary of were to donate that I decided to pay it forward, I will donate to peoples Kickstarter Fundraisers. So this month I have donated to 3. Each month I will pick a few that I believe in and know the artist/performer will receive directly! Just a thank you to the universe for having such a blessed life and surroundings!!!


Hello everyone, I have had a full schedule since Feb 14th I spent 2 weeks in New Orleans for Mardi Gras with the fam and some close friends. What a beautiful experience. I returned home and Vockah was in Seattle along with Alice Bag. Two people I work closely with so i was extremely busy with good times and shows.The sad part is that for both of Vockah's performances i was ill. Also I have a new music project and we are called "The Witches Titties", we had our first show at THEIN on March 1st, plus I just hug a show in Ballard at the very chic n hip salon BABA LOUISE. So yeah I have been crae crae!!! Plus sick!!! YUCK

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