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Saturday, December 31, 2011

exit from 2011

I haven't blogged for awhile,

First I want to thank ERZULIE for helping my dreams come true I honor you everyday along with my Teflon Sisters bond-

I have been busy writing my Novella " Bereavement Louisiana Socialite" which has been fun ,a lil challenging and very exciting!!! 2011 has been an adventure! Plus a new music project "THE WITCHES TITTIES"

Teflon Sisters zine must also continue in 2012


* Babylon Death Party w/Fucshia Foxx*J9 Fierce*Chad Carver*Dame Builder(coppergate/Seattle)

*Bang a doll with A STRANGE fist w/Sister Fist*Esmerlda Strange*CJ and the Dolls*and zine release of "Teflon Sisters"(comet/Seattle)

*A century barbary eccentrics SF in doll form
(15 years with Miss Oblivious/Star Whore) a window installation in San Francisco that included every zine I ever published since 1994, dolls fashioned after SF icons and streaming 2 hours worth of video and film I directed!

* Boogaloo Blitz w/Vocka Redu* HOOT n' HOWL* Lisa Dank* Jackie Hell* SAMBA* DJ NARK* HARDTIMES* (Fred's Wildlife Refuge/Seattle)

*This is Me dolls-n-drag SOLO SHOW(Metro Gallery/San Jose)

*Trancentric * Austin Young*Squeaky Blonde*Tennessee Loveless*Sheri Debow*Vinsantos*Jackie Hell*JerBEr Jones)(MonkeyHouse/Los Angeles)

* GUM doll collection w/LEE KYLE & SHERRY LYNN DOOLEY (New Orleans)

*Carnival of Saints w/Christy Kane* Liz McGrath*Dame Darcy*Darla Teagarden*Sheri Debow*Jennybird*Molly McGuire*Mudlark*Angeliska*Christine Benjamin*Jacqui* (Poets Gallery/New Orleans)

UNCLEAR CABARET hosted by MISS OBLIVIOUSw/Phatima*Matt*Static People(The Stud/SF)

Celebrate the Taurus- w/Moira Scar*Gerald Stokes*Peppermint Lounge*watch it Sparkle*Jackie Hell at (The Comet/Seattle)

*Berkeley Art Museum I was transformed into a Tranimal (Thank you Austin Young and friends)

Spent WILUM PUGMYRES 60th Birthday with him and JACKIE HELL in his basement

Mister Chanel's bday Carnival of freaks-( PONY in Seattle) w/KOOK as host, Vinsantos,LA Kendall,VIVIVI od PDX

RIP ************SNACKHOLE


I also want to thank friends that have came and visited the fam...Uneven Steven, Gina,Joser

the Births of -Leo Valentino- Violet Black and VIOLEnCE GIRL book release

Thank gawdess above that SISTER SPIT still tours and inspires with some of the queerest talented folks of our generation

At an Alabaster Choad rehearsal April 2010 Miss Oblivious left and KOOK Teflon took her place, I have explained this numerous times that through my Hecate' Tattoo that was drawn by Jack Shit of me guided this transition.

I missed Mardi Gras which really put me in a funk, but I let it go and moved on, I helped Vockah Redu get to Seattle for pride week watch was very very hard work and even more fun!

I attended my first Jazz Fest, went on tour driving all the way down to L.A n back to the NW that was amaze!!!

The Greer Lankton exhibit in Hollywood was exquisite and my fave of all year! Thank you Paul Monroe!!! Also I was on James St James web show!!!!! Got kisses from Holly Woodlawn and shared a hotel with DarbyJane and Lee Kyle!!! HIGHLIGHTS these are HIGHLIGHTS peeps!!!!

I also had my 5 year photo documentation exhibit at Fred's Wildlife Refuge titled "1,825 days in Seattle" Along with Lady Krishna and her flier display documenting her life for over 30 years....

Bonded with some new friends that are incredible human beings such as Dustin Curtis, Lee Kyle, Chad Carver to name a few.

I was lucky enough to be invited back as one of the 13 dolly artists to return to the October show in NOLA "Carnival of Saints" curated by the ever so talented and cutie pie Christie Kane!

My daughter turned 14 and my son 8years old! I have now been with Pops for 12 years in Feb 2011...(time Flies),

I started vending again,

J9 finally got to come to the Big Easy with me!

Stella Rose moved to NYC and the NW got even darker with her absence!

I was hired at my dream job as a Market Ghost/LUST tour guide, I get to spend time with my lil Stella and Leo Valentino!

Also I was part of Pastor Kalebs extravagant tent revival "Easter Choir" this year what a blast that was!

I look forward to 2012- I would love to finish my novella, POPS is attending his first Mardi dolls, photo-shoots and adventures....

My goal is to be living in NOLA by 2014 We are working really hard to pay of any debts so that we can buy our dream home, I really want a southern structure that is at least 150 years old with high ceilings ,chipped paint doors and enough room to have continuous guests.Refurbished bathroom and kitchens a must.....

CHEERS and LOVE to all of you without your support I couldn't live the dream

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