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Thursday, February 10, 2011

KOOK TEFLON is ready

2011 is bidding ado to Miss Oblivious it will take a bit for her to pass but KOOK TEFLON is ready to come out and ruffle some feathers and break some hearts!
The new zine TEFLON SISTERS will be launched on March 17th at The Comet Tavern with an astounding line-up of glamorous degenerates!
Just take a look at the announcement to get a taste...

From 1994-1999 there was Cunt Fear starring STAR WHORE....
once she was laid to rest
Miss Oblivious rose with OBLIVIOUS NATION 1999-2010
NOW we all are just so anxious to see what KOOK can do ...she has her sisterhood support
FREE duh
if you'd like to contribute to the zine you can do so by emailing

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