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Thursday, August 26, 2010

is back home

I have been consistently publishing zines since 1994, originally my zine was "Cunt Fear" and by 2000 had evolved over to an Oblivious Nation. My soul purpose of starting the zines was to publish bands and peers around me so that they could be documented forever. It also evolved into my compulsive habit of taking photographs.

not of just the performers on the stage but of the audience and voyeurs surrounding the area.

I have made a conscious decision to publish my last issue of Oblivious Nation September 2010.

I may periodically publish other types of zines to cover occasions or particular events, I feel i really need to start focusing more on my static films and short videos as a documentation of magical beings surrounding me, it is more effective and more pleasing in my personal opinion.....

I am accepting contributions for this last issue: also contributions for anyone involved in Female Front shows for that zine please send to:

deadline: September 5th


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