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Sunday, March 31, 2019

"Conduits" Peter Murphy New Orleans 2019

I am finally able to sit down and interpret one of my biggest spiritual moments I have experienced to date. I flew out to New Orleans because one of my best friends was opening for the Ruby Tour 40 years of Bauhaus. I few other friends had flown in from California and Austin for the show. I was attending with my life long BF Karen with whom we've been listening to Bauhaus together since 1986. I stood front and center for Vinsantos and it made me super emotional watching him and hearing his new song! We have been close for about 25 years and to see this was a special moment! He has worked hard and deserves everything golden, he is a treasure! I wasn't in a state of mind to take pix or video i wanted to be in the moment! As Bauhaus flocked our ears n spirits they took us to an ethereal state, of teen years and late nights. Peters voice was crisp n how we all remember it from our turn tables in a clove filled room and cassettes in your friends car on the way to go dancing, David J presented us with his iconic stance n unique bass skills. I floated around and wandered thru the room and bar n balcony, wanting to view them from all angles n spaces. When Passion of Lovers began i danced to the front to join about 6 or 7 of my gals to absorb as much of this as i could with them, this moment in time, being 45 and still feeling a surge from these songs is an elixir i cannot explain. Passion Of Lovers finished and they left the stage which of course caused an uproar for an encore! Peter n Mark Gemini Thwaite pranced back out for a one on one intimate version of The Three Shadows 2. It was a beautiful moment of intimacy. I kept staring at Peter and thinking "wow there he is". As he continues to command respect and authority on all of us aging deathrockers. I felt as if i was floating! Absorbing each word as Mark strummed on his guitar and they stood back to back. Oh classic gentlemen Say your prayers To the wind, of prostitution To your faces, and Rex complexes Riddle my breast Full of the oppressed puss Oh gentlemen, with your fish The you surround, all around And you man, will always point Your fishes, at me But I will always exist Because I always exist Damn good too The rat race begins The fat face stings I hold the fresh pink baby With a smile I slice off those rosy cheeks Because I feel so thirsty And Oedipus Rex complexes ...riddle my closed bloated breast They then went into Dead Can Dances "Severence" and about half way through the song I felt what i can only explain as 43 of my dead friends shooting through me and into Peter to the side of the stage. I would'a just thought that this was something in my altered state, but my 100% sober friend Linda grabbed my arm and asked "WTH was that? What just went from you to Peter"? and then another friend asked the same, my gal pal Gail also 100% sober then said "Holy shit i saw something go from you to Peter" as soon as it shot up to him i began balling crying it was uncontrollable and life altering. The message i received from the loved ones passed was "aging is a privilege enjoy n absorb each moment and put judgement's aside" the next day a few of the other friends asked me the same and said they witnessed something pass from me to him. I am a conduit and messenger for many spirits but this felt beyond anything i have experienced before. Its been two month's and i have thought about it everyday. I decided a few hours ago to see if any video footage was up from the show, and sure enough, whomever was basically standing next to me was filming and if you check out at the -5:00 mark, this is the interaction, he walks over singing, says something to me and then forgets his line of the song and says that then does a cute lil dance.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Seance n Spiritual Evening in Room 408 w/ Kook Teflon

I was hired by a private party to come in and lead a seance on Saturday (March 2019) in the infamous haunted room 408 at Hotel Sorrento in Seattle. As a 13 year resident of Seattle I have been heavily involved in the Paranormal community so I was very excited to finally allocate in this room that many folks have had celestial experiences in. 2007/2008 I had a paranormal public access show "Ill Famed Spirits", for 5 years I lead ghost tours in Pike Place including 3 of those years into the notorious ButterWorth Mortuary for mini-investigations and the teller of historical facts in the First Ave space. I am also a certified paranormal investigator. With close to a hundred investigations through the Puget Sound in Private Homes and Business's. Though I have had many drinks in the bar at Hotel Sorrento and enjoyed a fire or two in their beautiful parlor area. I hadn't been in the elevator or in room 408 prior to last night. At one point and time in my residency in Seattle i knew the stories of this Luxury Structure but couldn't currently recall any of the details when hired since it had been years that i head learned of its history. I chose to only do a tiny bit of research before this event and felt very drawn to Alice B.
In reality the Alice B haunting the halls makes no sense to me, but hey she was an amazing womxn! When i approach any type of paranormal work i go in with 100% respect of the dead and honor to the spirits and am genuine about hearing their stories! I brought some offerings, photographs and placed a glass of wine on the table before we began our night. I was hired for a gals b-day celebration with 9 of her close friends. We got started around 11 pm and they were giggly from the bubbly but we sat in a circle held hands around the portable altar i set up. We all took 3 deep breaths for focus and to be mindful of their surroundings, I chatted for a bit about the experiences of a haunting and ghosts. Shortly after we began one of the gals was feeling her grandmother strongly with her. This of course made me happy that she was feeling connected to ancestors. As a medium and a channel-er i have to navigate whom is who in the room, set boundaries and yet keep myself open to messages. We were intentionally here to communicate with the spirit of 408 and ask why they are there. I was greatly hoping for Alice B but she did not come forward, instead an older man, I'd say in his late 50's approached me. I feel he was timeless maybe from the 1940's?1950"s?1960"s....He sat on the edge of the bed in the bedroom with the door closed, he had a big belly, boxer shorts,plain tee-shirt, sock garter's.. hell he could'a even been a recently deceased spirit. One of our circle dwellers asked if he was "Italian"? He barked back "Im Scottish"! Proudly proclaiming his name Bob McGregor and at this point he was trying real hard to channel through me,I was there to relay information but wasn't comfortable letting him jump in As I do not always trust spirits in these situations. They aren't always who they say they are, and i had no assistant with me. As I held the hand of the beauty that hired me i felt him charge into the side of me and she saw white sparks/light. As the sessions proceeded my eyelids were flickering n bouncing, my eyes were doing everything they could to stop him! We took a small break and when we got back into the circle he gave me more impressions. It seemed he died of a heart-attack or stroke in the room, and didn't mind being stuck there, his wife was very uptight so he became a traveling salesman to escape her grips and tension. He mentioned that this wasn't the worse place to be stuck, he likes startling people ,"guests that have no clue are the best" and the "view ain't so bad". Bob started to get irritated and would say through me "Who the hell is Alice B"? Nah Nah ! One of the guests asked if he was a "womanizer"? This irritated him even more. These are the moments were i ground and ask "Am I irritated" or is it "The Spirit"? Its important to create boundaries in this work or it can get unhealthy for the conduit.You don't wanna take on other entities emotions after you leave. This for sure was his contention and not mine. We took a final break and As i sat on the love seat with the b-day girl, the back drop of eclectic wallpaper illustrated with tropical art-deco trees n spider monkeys a mans voice ROARED between us, out of 11 people only 4 of us heard it , one of the girls had been in the other room and it startled her to the point she ran in thinking a Hotel employee had came in to lecture us about noise. BUT NOPE!!!!! I honestly never expect to have experiences cause its rare, but this was the third shared experience within an hour and a half. The crowning circle we did i started getting profound messages n impressions of the other spirits in the hotel, specifically which ever one is holding the little boy in the basement. Bob began seeming more and more bothered. Partly i feel from the disruptions, him being overshadowed by Alice B and lastly cause he is on the same loop over 'n over. We closed the circle around 12:30 confirmed we didn't want any of the spirits or entities to follow us home or out of the hotel. I gave each guest a private reading after and felt really fortunate to have this experience!
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dirt Mounds,Molasses & plastick

November 2013 Kook Teflon I have friends that are family, new friends that are becoming very important to me! I have lived in the tower this last season a perfect transition for me and my children, in five days i am moving into the Witch Haus.The new chapter of my newest novella in KookLand is not like any of the other chapters and it can change at any moment. Halloween Week was one of my best.I spent it with new creatures that inspire me. i am also curating doll shows with up to 20 artitst's. Next one will be in New Orleans at Green Eyed Gator December 7,2013 and The Witches Titties have played a few shows these last few monthes with some amazing creatures!!!!! i was laid off from Ghost Tours so lets hope this is all part of the new path i am being lead down. More photoshoots, more dolls, more adventure......
Vinsantos modeling Kookland

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kooks guts n show n tale

Hello Readers pals n' fiends Summer 2013 So much has occured in the past 90 days, i have healed, moved on and ripped my heart into shreds so that i may remain numb........... or at least til the autumn arrives. I have fallen in love in Austin Texas or with Austin or shall we call it a crush? I spent more time in NOLA my number one lover of all time, where i can breath, where i can live in complete obscurtiy, The Witches Titties went on a lil West Coast Tour. The biggest and hardest decision I have ever made was to leave my fleshy lover Pops after 14 years of a voyage that went sour... Noone else may ever love me again like he did, I feel we both lost respect for one another, we lived inside the dream of our first 10 years as a duo, as those lovers that others envy, inside jokes, tolerating my irrational manic whims, the rollercoaster known as Kook, i was asked years ago to back away and stop with all the over stimulated attention but i feel like a failure in the end. Nothing lasts forever i guess... I have such a blessed life i make $ from my art and have a job that pays me to tell others about death and history and sex of our city. My children are outrageous and beautiful creatures, i have the most compassionate friends that are family across the country.... i mean really really supportive and they shower me with power daily. I want to thank the man i left for loving me like no other man has....... I have moved into Kooks Tower above The Pierces and wonder what and where i will discover in the months to follow.......... wish me luck and no more tears unless they are of passion

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The WItches Titties

illustration by Jeremiah Harada

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Myrtles Plantation

St.Francisville in Louisiana at the most haunted home in America "The Myrtles" the same type of light appeared on a rocking chair- I will remind you that i took controlled pics (which means numerous shots ) and that i never get that excited about orbs or the such!!! but these lights are truly paranormal, This was at the Caretaker Cabin, also we slept in the Magnolia Room, i awoke around 2:30 A.M to the strongest scent of lemons/verbena i mean like someone was holding it Right under my nose and then the covers at the end of my bed were tight and the mattress sunk down as if someone had sat down.... within a few moments the scent disappeared along with the mattress weight????